upload errors at utv

First I want to say THANK YOU to all those great riders that upload their videos to utv since we open our new upload gateway (and for sure to all others that support us from the beginning also :slight_smile: ).
It seems that some of you had trouble while using the new upload frontend with completing their file. So we found some broken files and some videos with wrong names. I sort out all that stuff that don’t work and list it here because I have no information who tries to upload which video.
It would be great if those of you that find their video on the list could contact me be pm to make a second try together. It would be also great to get a short report from you what’s happened that you can’t finish your upload successfully. So here is the list of the files that are broken:

rencontre inter regional.mpg
rencontre stage l’acun.mpg
Unicycling- A Vasectomy.mov
uni street cabeceras 40.mov
MMF '07 revised.wmv
Unicyling Competition viewing Billy and Stefan.avi
enkolo team.mpg

It would be great if we can make online them all over the next time.

I tried to upload Chicago Uni but I don’t remember why it didn’t upload.:frowning: :o

Edit: I’m trying again… If it doesn’t work I’ll tell you what happened.

Ok Here’s what Happens. I uploaded the video, then it tells me to put the information in like title, description, etc. Then when I click finish it shows this …:frowning:

If I click the little arrow to go back it goes to the info screen again with
everything erased.

What do I do…

sry for screen stretch

Edit: oops sry for souble post
It was an accident

Thanks for your detailed Report !!!
I think you forget to select your file.
First you upload it and you have to wait until the upload is complete. If the upload stops, you can start again and it should resume from the moment when it brokes.
When the file is ready uploaded you can go to step 2 and enter all needed Informations. if you scroll down there will be a selection box to select your video from those that are actually in the upload area.
You must select it and than press the save button.
The next screen should you provide a link like 245.yourvideosname.wmv
This link you can post in the Internet to show it to other people.
We will start than to convert the video into all 3 formats and make it online on utv also. This can need one day or 2 weeks, depending how much time we have.

I check the actual file now and Chicago Uni is complete on the server. You only had to do step 2 now and enter your description and slect your file :slight_smile:
I will make it online anyway tonight.

ive never been able to view, when i click on a vid, it asks me which player i want, media or something else, i click on one, but it does nothing, wht am i supposed to do from there.

edit:wow that was crazy, it just opened for me right now.

yesterdeay I uploaded “9103 - sto antonio/sta teresa” and I tried the link that the site gave to me and was like video wasn`t there. showing like, “size: 0mb”

also, I tried to send you an e-mail and the e-amil failed too…

so… is the video uloaded?

can you fix the link?

Hi Francisco,

everything is ok with your file, your video is complete on the Server I send you the direct link via PM.
You can find the video here and in some days also on utv in wmv,mov and flash.

well, I can only thank you for hosting the video and wanting it to work well.

you guys are doing a nice job.


Frag mal noch den Niels, weil da sind 2 Hamburger bei…

I uploaded epluribusuni.wmv about a month ago. It looked like it uploaded normally, I don’t know what happened…

Should I just try it again or do you need to do something else with it?

I found epluribusuni.wmv but when start it there was another video (ELA blau) and not yours !? We discuss if it could be a bug or if you only select the wrong file when you do the second step. Anyway, we didn’t got it, only the name. So it would be great to know if it is possible that you select the wrong file or maybe no file or if it must be a bug on our side.
It would be also great if you can upload it once again to make it online at least.

We are really sorry for all that Problems and at least I start this thread to got an overview whats going on to improve our service.
DId it make sense for most of you to upload direkt via FTP client ?

OK I’ll upload it again, but when I first did it I’m pretty sure I selected the right file. I even remember checking twice to make sure I got the right one.

Than the failer was maybe on our side, sorry. I found you video now but it was only 1,7 MB and dont run so it seems that it is an not complete file !?
You should be able to resume normaly without any trouble and the Status bar should show you when the complete file is uploaded.