Uphill Speed run

I dropped my new GoPro a few days ago, and then the footage was really choppy. So I fiddled with it cycling through each mode, and reset everything. I retested it just this morning while riding my 36er, and footage looks awesome again!

I tried a couple uphill speed runs and hit 16mph on the second run. At least that what my cycle computer said, and it was very accurately calibrated, but it can still “jump” a bit ahead as it catches up, so it might have been a bit less than that. I was using 110mm cranks.

I also used a longer boom this time for pov, and I really liked how it looked, especially the super low tracking shot just above the sand, and it looks like somebody else was filming it, just floating effortlessly over the sand! It’s almost like a “hand-held” UCC, because so much fits into the frame and it’s so smooth! In a way it’s even better than my UCC since I can vary the angle as I ride.

why wouldnt you use the wide angle option? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, if it was any wider you’d see the curve of the earth! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey terry,
Some cool angles you got in that video. I’m waiting for my Go-pro HD to arrive in the next week and am looking forward to mucking around with it. I’m astonished you haven’t ditched the full pads for commuting. Recently i’ve been riding all my muni without my old staple 661 pads and have not had any bad crashes. I think after a while i’ve learned the good ways to crash and most of the time i can run out of mine- and thats on a geared 24" on 125s. I used to be able to put up with the heat and the behind the knee rash but not any more.

Thanks Mark. I think you also will love your new gopro camera! It’s extremely versatile. I wear my knee/shin guards partly out of habit, but also in case of a high-speed fall. There have been many times they have saved me from serious injury. Also keeps legs from getting sunburned, haha.

I would rather wear my KH percussion guards, but the straps irritate the back of my knees and were rubbing to the point of causing blisters! Countless adjustments failed to remedy the problem, so I had no choice but to start wearing the 661’s again. The 661’s have a back flap that shields the straps from causing me any irritation.

I would love to live in a place where sunburn was a consideration in October!

Great vid as usual, some awesome angles and perspective in there. Plus, it’s always nice to see the cat putting in an appearance… :smiley:

Thanks. The UV factor today maxed out at only 3, but I have a family history of skin cancer, so I just try to cover up as much as possible when I’m outside. :o

Wow … that was smooth!

Thanks Sean! (Morty says thanks too! :D)


Thrilling videos.