Upgrate from a 24" Muni for a short person.

After reading many threads on this forum I’m getting more and more confused…
I started unicycling on a Nimbus 24" muni. It’s the only unicycle I’ve ever tried.
I want to go bigger, but since I’ve never seen a bigger wheel in real life, I’m afraid I’ll go too big too soon… but if I’ll buy a 26", I will regret not getting a bigger one.
At this point, I only “walk” my dog in the woods with my muni, so slow riding is ok. I want to do real XC trails, but I’m to slow to go there. I’m definitely not the best rider yet, but I’m getting better every time I try :). I want to be faster!!! I don’t know is it matters, but I’m only 1.61 meter (I believe that is somewhere between 5.2-5.3 feet)

I want to use my next muni for the following things:

  • Longer XC-trails
  • Riding to my gym and back home (about 8km, so 16 km total)
  • I’m not really into technical stuff.

What’s your advise: 26" nimbus muni, 27.5" QX muni or 29" Nimbus muni??

Welcome Daphne.

What you describe is usually covered by the 29 inches unicycles. With a slick tire for the road or a very light tread for road & hardpack/fire roads, you should be covered.
Usually, insteam is identical on all uni sizes because it is the distance between the saddle and the pedal at the lowest point. You will just be slightly higher seated than on a 24 :smiley:

Don’t worry, all the bigger wheels do not seem that big except for the 36.
There is a psychological factor too, so you can go to a bike shop and have a look at the wheels of the bikes to have an idea of how big they feel up-close.

The rule of thumb to remember is: you don’t have gears so the further away from the 24, the easier it will be to have a decent average speed. You factor in your own perception (too impressive vs. I can do it) and you get your conclusion.

Be assured that the three sizes (26, 27.5 & 29) have a good selection of tires (maybe not as much in 27.5) so you won’t have problem to find the perfect combination for your situation.
Another thing you can try is to see if there is other riders in your area. It would enable you to see and try different sizes of unicycles in real life.


If it’s not too technical go with the 29. If you can upgrade to the 165/137 cranks that would be good. The nimbus 29 muni is a great place to start

How are your free-mounting skills? As a 29" will generally be harder to free-mount than a 24".

I’d go for the 29". You always can fall back on the 24" if things get technical.

[QUOTE=Siddhartha Valmont;1645636]

Usually, insteam is identical on all uni sizes because it is the distance between the saddle and the pedal at the lowest point. You will just be slightly higher seated than on a 24 :smiley:

That’s really nice to know!!! :slight_smile: On a 29" nimbus, the seat will only be 1 or 2 cm. up, so I won’t be up really high :wink:

I free-mount with a wheel grab (I’m not sure if that’s the right name for it :thinking: ). So I don’t think it’s that much of a difference. Or at least I hope it won’t be a huge difference. But I can free-mount.

@elpuebloUNIdo. I wanted to sell my 24", but I guess it’s a better idea to keep both. Than the 24" will still be my dog “walking” muni.

@Strokin99. Thank’s for the advise. I was checking the 125-150 cranks, never thought of 165-137 cranks.

I learned to free-mount using a wheel grab on a 24. About a month later, I bought a 29. I found that mounting was only slightly more difficult on the 29; however, I’m 6’3" (which probably makes a small difference). Oddly enough, once I learned to do a static mount, I found it easier on the 29.

Personally, I would go with the 29. I find it to be a nice compliment to the 24, and I regularly ride both. It’s significantly faster but not so much so that the transition between to two is very difficult. I use mine mainly for the purposes that you describe in your original post.

Get a 29", the 26" would be too close to the 24".
And yep, 150/125 cranks are the way to go. 165 are a bit overkill… and you’re not super tall, so I’d assume (no offense) that your legs are not on the long side. :smiley:

Thanks all for the quick response!!!
I just ordered a 29" nimbus. :slight_smile:

I’ll practice on it first, and after a while, I can still decide witch cranks I’ll buy. But I have really short legs indeed :roll_eyes: , so maybe back to the 125/150’s

Hi Daphne, I’m 1.60 meter and male, so I probably have shorter legs than you. I can ride a 36" KH with 150mm cranks with a little shortening on the frame (around 4-5cm).

Have fun with your new 29" Nimbus :slight_smile: