Upgrading on a budget.

So I’ve been riding a Torker since 5th grade when I learned to ride. It’s a 20" and is a little small for me.

I’m looking to get a 24" but I’ve been having trouble finding one in my price range, max $150. So far the Torker Unistar LX 24" sticks out the most, but I’ve also seen a 26" of the same in a Metallic Gray colour that I like more than the red.

Does anyone know if there’s a 24" metallic gray version of the Torker LX? Does the extra 2 inches actually make that big of a difference, or would a long time rider be fine swapping from 20 to 26?

Thanks for any help!

Well I answered my own question. Found the 24 in Metallic gray one. For anyone who comes by this, here’s a link.


It was also on Amazon from the same people for $200, but it’s cheaper on their main site.

I swapped from a 20 years ago, to an 18 a month ago and this week got a 29… Makes no matter once you get used to mounting it really

And does size matter (ask a woman)? Depends on what your doing with it and what your riding level is…
I love my 29 Muni and I dont think I would have been happy with the 20 thru 26 sizes for what I do…

Out of curiosity, what kind of riding do you do?

I’m mainly upgrading so I have a new uni to ride around campus the next few years since the 20 just won’t cut it.

I ride around town ALOT, on the sidewalks or streets. But on the weekends I plan to ride more of my old hiking trails once the grounds dries out, we had like 4 days of rain recently and everything is a bog.
So right nowe I’d guess you’d say cross country… Easy to mild trails and roads and rough alley ways (the most fun! :D) and when it dries out, some narrow stuff in the woods (rocks roots ruts )

For tooling around campus I think a 26 might be a better choice. It is still quite nimble to navigate through crowds, but it is a bit faster, and less work to go moderate distances. I had a 26 for a little bit, but built a 29" wheel for it after only a couple of months. My commute is about 4 miles, and the 26 just took too long. Another upside to a 26 is that there is a lot of choice for tires, and you don’t need to spend a lot for new rubber.