Upgrading - Need some purchasing advice

I pulled my $60 basic model 13 year old “no brand” unicycle out of the back of the shed and started riding again recently. It’s like riding (half) a bike, you never forget. Unfortunately I bent the axle pretty quickly.

So now I’m looking to upgrade to something a bit stronger. Who knew there’d be so many options available nowadays!

I’m thinking of the 26" Nimbus II freestyle uni.

My main use will be riding a 4km circuit, hence the 26" wheel choice, but I’m also wanting something suitable for some freestyle and strong enough for a little bit of trials - no crazy drops, probably 2 feet max. I weigh about 95 kg so it needs to be kinds strong.

I’m just after some advice on what might be a good choice as a bit of an all rounder? Or anyone with the 26" nimbus II, how is it?


No one uni will fit that bill. You need 3 unis. Pick whatever you think you will focus on first and get the best uni for that purpose.

Why not buy a decent 24 inch muni with twin hole cranks ,
4km is no distance

Im same weight as you and I ride my kh 24 everywhere my most used unicycle

i agree, 24" is fine for that distance and 26" make freestyle difficult. And 2 foot jumps on one is generally not a good idea

i think you would be fine doing 2 foot drop offs on 24 kh muni with moment cranks

Fixed it for you. :slight_smile: