Upgrading My Unicycle

Hey everyone. I had a quick question about upgrading my unicycle. I currently own a Torker DX. This Unicycle has been great and all, but I have gotten progressively better at unicycling and i want to upgrade now. I have been doing some research and to save money (or at least try) I want to keep as many parts of the original unicycle that I can. But what I want to upgrade are my cranks, hopefully to 110 ISIS moment cranks. But after researching some, I realized that I can’t just put ISIS cranks on a torker dx because it doesn’t work. So now I have to buy a new hub. But then my friend told me that there might even be a problem with putting an isis hub on a torker dx frame and that I might have to buy a whole new wheel set… and then it might still not work…I am just really confused on what to do with this whole ordeal. So my main question is. How do I go about upgrading the unicycle? (if possible) or should I just save up and buy a nice brand new 20" uni. Thanks guys! :wink:

buy a new uni then you can use some parts from your other uni as spears. Nimbus ISIS 20" are good but get moment cranks with it is well way better and will handle anything you throw at it

Maybe the spokes :smiley:

But if you throw the spears you made with the spokes you’ll want a tubeless system that can deal with the punctures.

I say go KH or Nimbus. I would reccomend the KH over the Nimbus because it’s stabler (wider rim), lighter, and the frame is better amongst other things. If you do decide to get the nimbus upgrade it with Moments.