Upgrading my uni...or not?

I have a 20" Torker LX and, having withstood everything i’ve been doing on it, I’ve come to believe that the frame, seatpost, and (extra padded) Miyata-style seat are strong enough to last me a while longer. The cranks and pedals are another story. I don’t know exactly how strong a splined hub is compared to a standard tapered hub (if thats even quantifiable beyond “much stronger”), but I’m looking to get a used splined hub + cranks, an Alex DM24 Rim, and either a Maxxis Hookworm or a Primo The Wall tire (my standard is going bald-ish).

I like to do some freestyle and mostly trials. How much of a difference will a new tire, new pedals, new hub/cranks make? Would I be better off getting a new seat (price of tire + price of rim <= price of KH seat)? I only realized after I purchased the LX that I would have been much better off spending the extra money and getting a decent+ unicycle with splined hub/cranks and KH style seat, because I need it at the point I’m at.

An LX can only withstand so many unispins and 3ft drops from a 6’5" 165lb person.

If anyone has any advice or anything else to say, please do. “thanks to anyone that responds”


Every time I have upgraded a tyre I have been pleased with the result. Good quality tyres just work better.

The same with pedals. Good pedals are worth an inch on your cranks.

It is also a pleasure to own and ride a machine that you have personalised and adjusted to your taste and needs.

If you’re doing any trials atall the hookworm will be useless, it is completely dead, has no bounce in it what so ever. Something like the sticky fingers (which is available for standard 20" an ’ 19" ’ rims) would be better. Also, if you get a trials rim the standard 20" tyres (like the ones you mentioned) will not fit, apologies if you knew this already but there are two sizes of 20" rim, the normal one (like on your LX) and the size used for trials rims and tyres, the two are not atall compatable. I’d get a good splined trials wheel from somewhere with a good fat tyre on it and some decent quality spiked metal pedals, you’ll probably eventually break the seat post and seat, but for now that would be a good set-up, just depends how much that lot costs against getting for instance '04 onza which is currently quite cheap.

To rationalise a bit:

"How much of a difference will a new tire, new pedals, new hub/cranks make?

tyre: trials wil have an awesome amount of bounce, if you pick a hookworm it is a very smooth an lovely tyre but no bounce atall

pedals: will help your confidence of foot position on drops

splined hub/cranks: will make the uni heavier, but you don’t have to worry about them breaking, in terms of performance they make the uni worse but are a must for all even semi-serious trials riders, especially of your size.

Sorry for being a bit random, just trying to help you avoid making any expensive mistakes.

In that case, what is a good freestyle/trials tire? Can you fit a decent trials/freestyle tire on an LX? I’ve been reading everywhere that the Primo The Wall is great all-around, can someone confirm this?

I’m pretty sure I can pick out a good set of pedals, but it’s in the case of rims, tires, and hubs that I have little experience of which to speak. I would like to have a set of splined hub/cranks, but I would rather not pay $200 for them. If there is anywhere/anyone/anyway that I could get a USED-but-still-functional set, i’d be happy.

Do they make square-tapered hubs stronger than the stock LX ones, or are they all of about equal strength until you get to splined?

Are you saying that the Alex DM24 20" rim will not fit an LX, or …ummm…something else maybe?

I was figuring about $17-tire, $20-rim, $75(?)-used splined hub/cranks OR stronger(?)/cheaper tapered hub.


Re: Upgrading my uni…or not?

That about sums it up. A splined axle, in general, will go a lot longer before it breaks. With metal, it’s not so much a question of “how strong” as it is a question of “how many stresses before it fails?” A lot more with splined.

You could get a Qu-Ax splined hub (125 US) a alex triple walled 20 inch rim (48 spoke, you can get them around 40 US I think) and a Onza stiky fingers tire. The Qu-Ax isn’t as strong, but it is cheaper and it has 48 spokes. I read someware that 48 spoke is 30 percent stronger than 36 spoke (or something like that) but I am not sure if it was true or not.

It’s not, it just has ~30% more weight. It’s really the actual rim that will be the deciding factor in strength.

I had a tapered hub that took me at ~190lbs off a few 1.5 ft drops, and maybe 2 feet once… Then on a 6 inch hop, the axle snapped :wink:

I replaced it with a KH/Onza '05 set, and just knowing that I had a higher quality set has made a huge difference in my riding… Confidence is about a 3rd of success and riding ability I’ve found :wink: