upgrading a nimbus isis

i am thinking of uying a nimbus isis off unicycle.com and was just wondering what upgrades people would reccomend

kh moment cranks, all i can really think of that would be highly “needed” everything else on it is pretty nice. ive never tried a KH seat, but i put the nimbus gel from my giraffe onto my trials uni and like it a lot

I had the same question and I ended up getting the moment cranks. I wish somebody would have told me to get the kh seat tho cause the nimbus one goes up alot in the front which is quite uncomfortable. I have never tried a kh but people say that it doesn’t go up as much as the nimbus. If you are a new unicycler I would suggest buying plastic pedals ontop of the metal one that the nimbus come with cause the metal ones will take chunks out of your leg I unfortunately found out the hard way. Then once you get good enough you can put on the metal ones.

Hope that helps and if anybody who has ridden both nimbus and kh seats does not think that the kh is more comfortable please chime in,

or get shin guards

or you could just have a bunch of really neat scars

and no hair on the back of your legs :roll_eyes:

kh seat and if you have money pick up a carbon fiber seatbase. Also upgrade to the nimbus CrMo post. The alu one is weak.

look at my unicycle in post your uni’s/ its what i really think works well.

well it depends. the nimbus rim is arguably stronger than the kh rim and the nimbus hub is better to. However the kh rim is wider and offers a better feel for flat (only slightly weaker). When i get my nimbus street im getting a kh rim 125mm moments a kh seat and a tryall. Then ill transfer my cf base and ill have a sick flat/street/streetlanding (my style of riding:p ) unicycle!

i haven’t tried the kh seat, bu from wat i’ve heard its good. i think i might get it.

I’m thinking of buying this uni too and I’ll definitely get the KH seat. But as for the cranks… what’s wrong with the stock ones and what’s so great about moment cranks? Moment cranks are quite expensive -.-

The ones that come on it just aren’t as sturdy as KH cranks. I have both and I would say it’s definitely worth it to upgrade to the KH cranks. They are basically indestructible. And you don’t have to pay whole price for them, to upgrade to them its $50 dollars.

I’ve had a nimbus trials isis since October, so far I have bent the cranks (then upgraded to moments). I was going off of three sets with the stock cranks and they were holding up well, then I took a straight 4 foot drop and that bent them. The moments are rock solid and weigh about 3x as much (truthfully they add about 1/2 lb to the uni).

I’ve broken a few spokes, this is going to happen if you ride a lot and crash a lot (like me). If I was ordering I would get a few extra spokes or run down to the bike shop and stock up right away. Definately want these on hand.

I just broke the seat post that came with it, although I really like the weight of the aluminum post. The portion that bolts onto the seat just can’t handle the stress if you jump, pull up on the seat, and drop it a lot.

I would reluctantly order the chromoly seatpost if I was to do it over again. This adds about 100g (1/4 lb).

So bare minimum, to keep the cost as low as possible. Moment cranks, extra spokes, and chromoly seatpost (all essential for hard riding IMO).

FYI, I weight about 175 lbs.

I agree on the crank arms. As far as the seatpost, I think the steel should be fine (meaning make sure you get steel instead of the aluminum). Unless you have a carbon fiber seat base I don’t think that the chromoly seatpost will be any more durable - just heavier. As far as the extra spokes, I wouldnt bother with those. Most people don’t generally break spokes that often if they are properly tensioned and cared for. If you happen to break a spoke you can just run on down to your local bike shop and get a new one.

Brian, I believe you are talking about the Wallis base and a thompson seatpost, correct?

The UDC carbon fiber base and a chromoly seatpost I would think would be just as durable as the Wallis but heavier. The stock plastic seat and the chromoly post seem to be holding up okay for me, but I fear would not hold up as well as either of the carbon fiber solutions, and I assume it’s heavier than both.

I must be pretty unlucky with spokes. Mine where not broken because of improper tension. It was my foot landing in them. Even if it’s rare, I still think it’s nice to have a few spares. If it happens again, my session will only be delayed by minutes instead of days, as it was the first time. BTW, none of my local shops carried spokes short enough for the trials rim. Luckily, there was one shop in town that had a spoke cutter, and I got 5 :smiley: .

I wasn’t really talking about the Wallis base. What I was trying to say was that unless you have a UDC carbon fiber base there is no reason to go with the $20 Nimbus chromoly post over the $10 United steel post. The only way you are going to mess up the normal steel post without a CF base is by bending the top bracket where it attaches to the saddle when the front of your plastic base bends down on a bad landing, The chromoly post is going to bend just as easily that way. Where the chromoly post is truly beneficial is when you are running a stiff CF base where the stress will be put on the actual post rather than that bracket.

Good info, thanks for clearing that up for me! :smiley:

I made the mistake of getting the stock cranks on my nimbus street and about 9 days later they were already destroyed. Thanks to UDC I had the warranty and upgraded. I had to have them overnighted though to have them in time for a ride. It is better to go ahead and just get the moments and not have to go through the trouble later.