Upgrading a Nimbus 29er

I’ve been thinking recently about upgrading my 29" Nimbus. I ride it a lot on a gravel road that has become mostly dirt, mud, and occasional rocks, so I have been thinking about putting the Nano Raptor on it. I was wondering if anyone has done that already, because I don’t know if a treaded tire will fit the clearence very well. Also, I’ve been debating about getting a set of GB handlebars, and want to know what sorts of seats they fit. I’ve got a KH Freestyle seat and a Torker LX (basically a Miyata) air seat; will it fit either of those?

Although I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me, if the Big Apple 2.35 fits, a Nanoraptor should fit too.

I don’t know about the KH freestyle saddle, but the GB4 will work on Miyata-format saddles. You’ll need some washers to make it fit, and the steel reinforcement plate is basically a must.

theres better tires than the nanoraptor tho, If u want an off raod type tire then go to :slight_smile: speedgoat.com:slight_smile: and look at some of them tyres! they have some nice 2.3’s

Now that this has been brought up: considering that it’s now winter, does anyone have suggestions for a tire that’s good for icy/snowy road riding that fits on a Nimbus 29er?