Upgrading 2007 KH 29er to accomodate 3" tire?

I’ve been out of the muni game for a while, but seeing the plus size tire trend hitting unicycles has got me itching to go slay some trails on one wheel.

I’m hoping for some input on my plan, maybe there’s a flaw I’m not seeing.

I know my 2007 KH frame can fit a 3" tire. If I buy the KH 29" freeride rim and appropriate length spokes, I should be able to pull my hub off of my current wheel and lace it to the new hub. Correct?

Have any of you run a 3" tire on the 2007 KH 29 stock wheel? Do I even need to upgrade my rim?


Hi, I don’t think the rim is the problem unless 2007 had some very narrow rim, but the problem is usually to fit the 3" in the frame.

I got a hold of a 3" tire, and glory be, it fits!!! No need to upgrade rim or anything. Fits perfectly. Can post images later if anyone wants to see it

Have you put it on the right way (rolling direction)? I am not sure.

Yeah, it looks to be in the wrong direction. But I like your Converse though…:D:p

Good eye. I actually made a bigger mistake than putting the tire on the rim backwards. The whole wheel was mounted on the frame backwards!!! I was so excited that it fit in the frame that I wasn’t fully paying attention… Rode around the block and one of my pedals fell off. Whoops!