Upgrades to Haldon Forest Park, Devon, UK

From http://www.haldonforestpark.org.uk/

£1.3 Million project underway
We are delighted to announce the start of a major project to enhance the visitor and recreation facilities at Haldon Forest. This initiative is part funded by Sport England and The Big Lottery through their “Active England” programme and work will begin in April. Once completed, the 12 month long project will provide a range of new facilities including:

* a new, secure car park at Bullers Hill
* toilets and a shower facility at a new "Haldon Gateway" hub
* all-ability walking trails with viewpoints, art and play installations
* an off-road family cycling loop along the top of the ridge
* a dedicated equestrian area with parking for horse boxes and trailers
* [b]purpose built single-track mountain bike trails[/b] (emphasis mine)

Yay… :slight_smile:


Yay indead. Will be interesting to see all that lot come on line in the next few years. I can see haldon Hill from my sofa.

Today we went the other way and did a 6 mile muni loop at Woodbuy common ( I can see there from the sofa to) . I wasn’t quite as bad as I was the other weekend, once I’d got going I quite enjoyed my self.


Cool :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about that.

You can get involved in the trailbuilding here


It’s really cool to do building, riding stuff that you had a part in building is super. Also the more unicyclists who build, the better the trails are for unicyclists.


Excellent - that’s 2 miles from my girlfriend’s mother’s house!
I really must visit her more often! :wink:

The place already has lots of good riding, even without officially maintained trails. I’m sure us locals can be persuaded to go for a ride without too much difficulty… :slight_smile:


Next time I’m down & able to wangle some time, I’ll definitely be in touch (that goes for Sarah & Paul too!)