Upgrades for KH Trials Unicycle

What are some good upgrades for KH Trial Unicycle.

It’s good stock, but if you have money to spend…

A cf stiffener plate, a air saddle, maybe a cf handle, more expensive pedals, grind plates and a tire with stiffer/thicker sidewalls.

Most likely, as far as upgrades: just different pedals and tire would suffice.

Upgrading a $467 unicycle! Why would you ever need anything better?

Except for preferance of course.

There was a very similar thread to this about 2 hours ago. Someone as asking for opinions on a list of upgrades he was making to his KH trials.


the only upgrade i would make is to change the tire to a luna and get some better pedals

stiffer seat. plate or cf base or something.

Seat post, thompson is the best brand in town,

Seat, Custom Carbon one

Pedals, Dozens of choices here Light, Shamano DX or strong, Brooklyn Shinburgers.

Rim, Arrow rim is probably the strongest, Koxx is probably the lightest.

Seat cover, a Mike Roxx cover or a Roach cover if you can still find one

Handels, Reeder style, Kingport, or Death Grip

Tires: I like the Maxxis but there is a new monty tire that is worth a look as well as old monty blackwalls for thoes that want a stiff sidewall, Monty Whiteline its harder to find but I still like it more than the luna, and then there is the Koxx tires that I havent really tried but they seem to have a better tire for natural trials.