Upgrades for a 28" Sun Unicycle?

I am looking to buy a 28" Sun unicycle, however, I have heard that they require some upgrades before they are ready for distance riding in comfort. I have heard things about new hubs, a new rim, a new seat, etc. The roughest riding I will be doing is down and off of driveways and on sidewalks, will I need to buy any of these upgrades? Also, overall, what is your opinion of Sun unicycles?


They are crap.

Get a Torker 29 AX, or Nimbus 29(this one or this one).

I definitely agree here.

They are really inexpensive

I have never seen one . Other then the seat, I don’t see the logic of upgrading one. Much cheaper to buy what you want the first go then assembling it piece by piece. It might hold up OK for just riding around , but I don’t know.
If you really get into riding, it would be cheaper to buy a KH then trying to upgrade a Sun.
Have you read the secret buy a KH thread ?