upgrades almost done = sexy ride.

Well I have pretty much finished the visible upgrades minus the seat post clamp.

I have gotten a new K1 hub and cranks (110mm)

I powdercoated the hub, dx32 rim, and yuni frame.

I then bought some primo 175mm spokes and built the wheel.

Finaly today about 5 minutes before my first ride on the new machine I bought some new axiom double jump pedals and the thing is pretty much done.

I think I may build myself a grind plate later and get a better seat post clamp so I’m not afraid of killing my heels but for now its done!

Here are some pictures. (the frame was supposed to be a creamier colour but it was free so I’m not complaining.)

If you wanna see more they are at http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=185675

It also shows my old uni to compare it.


SICK!!! what type of frame is that?

How are the 110 to ride? ANd jump and such with?

the frame is the one off the norco muni i believe?

The frame is from the norco but norco used a uni frame.

The 110’s are great, I go faster than most people and I don’t notice any difference after about an hour of riding. At first when I was landing big jumps up things I found it hard to control but now it’s great!

Thanks for the great comments.

Yeah, thats fairly sweet. That frame is off of the Norco MUni, powdercoated white. The frame that Norco used was the YUni frame.

how much did you end up paying for the k1 hub/crankset? cuz i found a place in canada that sells em and they were going for $180 CAD

200 with shipping plus the 30 bucks in taxes at the border, definatly buy it from division 8 if you are in Canada.

yeah thats who quoted me for 170

that is one pimped out ride, yo.
I want to get shorter cranks, but mine are profile, which don’t come in short…