Upgraded to the Nimbus equinox street

So I ordered my new nimbus from unicycle.com and it got here 2 days ago, but I’ve already got about 6 hours on it. I upgraded from my torker dx and the final weight savings was about 2.3 lbs which for a 100$ difference is now a no-brainer for me.

The first big difference I noticed was in the seat, the new KH bases make a huge difference, no more flexy grab handle, that sucker is stiff. The padding on the nimbus flat seat is very dense and non cushy which is nice for SIF and since I wear bike shorts it is great for all day too

I ordered the Nimbus with 125 kh moments, but changed those to 137s (pm if you want brand new unused 125 moments). The extra 10mm over the 127mm cranks my torker have make a huge difference in control on big landings.

I did keep the CC i had on the torker because I don’t fancy the cygo-lite tire very much, It had way too much give and round profile.

Overall I already love this uni, I feel like it will really help my abilities and will be able to keep up better than the torker.

someone has a good taste in pedals to :wink:

Thats a pretty nice uni, I’m really liking the new Equinox frames!

Ya odyssey JC/PC pedals are the best for any uni rider who does lots crank stalls and pedal grinds because the spindle is much larger and stronger. You can unpin one side and get the benefits of plastic grinding with metal pins on the other along with the dual color halves so you can find the pinned side super easy…best ever

I love mine, i do wish for more color thats about all