Upgraded to a torker lx

A good day for me, I traded a derringer for an older torker lx 24 (sparkly metallic grey) that looks unused.

No seat scuffs, not a mark on it except for a slight amount of surface rust on the pedal nuts.

The tube has a leak somewhere as it won’t hold air long, I’m looking forward to repairing the tube and giving it a ride once my ankle heals some more.


Sounds like a good upgrade. I hear those derringers can be a real bear to ride! (LOL)
Have fun with it!

I just picked up a 16" Torker for my 8yr old yesterday. Pretty decent for the price. Careful not to over tighten bearing clamps or wheel wont spin so freely. Going to a overseas summer vacation next week. Wont have him practice and risking any injuries befor the trip. :slight_smile: