upgraded Coker from a catalog!

I just happened to take a glance at Unicycle.com’s site tonight, and guess what? They’re now offering an upgraded Coker! It wasn’t on their page a day or two ago… at least, I hadn’t noticed it… Not a lot of detail in their online catalog, but they’ve upgraded the rim (hand-built by John Kovachi) and hub (a 61mm-wide Suzue, slightly wider than the stock hub), and you can get it with an Odyssey V-brake (but they don’t mention how it’s attached…), and a choice of saddles. Looks like you still have to wait 'til July 15. It’s $200 more than the stock Coker, but I think this may be what I save my yennies for… Here’s the link: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=568

I just saw it too. You can also buy the wheel-set for like $199. This is great! Now I can upgrade my Coker some day. I now have 98 miles on mine in two weeks. I did my longest ride on Satuday. I rode 22 miles, and it was really easy. About four miles of it was easy off road. The Coker screams down the trails. Yeah Coker!!! I went for a muni ride on some easy trails in the afternoon. I took the 24x3 muni, because I was riding with my kids, who are pretty slow on their bikes. I can tell that I’m getting spoiled from the speed of the Coker. It felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, and I was really missing the airseat on the Coker. Joe in Iowa