Right now I’m riding a 24",I’m thinking about buying a 29".I will be doing mostly street riding,not planning on any Muni’s.
Does anyone have any recommendations.
Thanks for your help.

Well for off-the-shelf unis you’re limited to the KH 29, Nimbus 29 Sun 28 or torker AX 29. The KH is overly hardcore for what you want so you’re down to three. The suns have a reputation for not being very sturdy. The remaining two are almost the same price, but the nimbus doesnt have any kind of handle, unless you upgarde to the nimbus SE which does, but has a knobbly tyre and costs an extra $30. Therefore, i would go with the torker.

I say torker AX, but get different cranks, like a pair of 114s and 125s, 170s are ridiculously long for road riding.

Oh I didn’t realise, I agree, get some nice 125s

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As for the 29er I concur on the Torker as best bang-for-buck, but with 125mm or shorter cranks. Maybe 125 to start (depending what you’re used to), then moving to something shorter as you get more comfortable. I use 125s on my Coker, for road and light MUni.

I have the torker 29… but I can’t imagine doing any big drops or anything on it… :astonished:

I guess I’m a chicken!

Seriously though, the torker being made of aluminum… is it strong enough for street?

I’m sure it’s plenty strong for riding on the street.

Note to Spokes: “Street” unicycling is a hardcore sport involving lots of big risky moves and requires a very strong unicycle, usually with a 20" wheel. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re asking about.

Ah, I see… um… perhaps I mistunderstood and he means riding it on the street and not “street”. :wink:

My AX came with 152 cranks… good enough for muni… ok for street… but if I were not using it off road I might go with shorter cranks.

And that’s why the competition event is called Street Freestyle (instead of just Street).

why in the world do you want a 29" for street, or are you talking about distance?
it would help us a lot.

read the 2 post above u

I think 100s would be good too even though they’re a bit hard to ride. They’re so worth it. Cause that’s whats on my coker. :smiley: I also once someone who had 200s on their unicycle and it just confused me as to why he would have cranks that long. :thinking: :thinking: