Upgrade to Knard Tyre

Hi all

Slowly back in the saddle after a back injury (yes, from unicycling!). At the moment I’ve got a Quax 26 muni with a 2.5 tyre and I was thinking in trying a 3’ tyre, specifically the Knard (as it is very light). The high cost of the Knard and of buying a new KH frame (to fit this tyre) puts me off a little bit.

My question is: to those of you that have tried the jump from a 2.5 tyre to the 3’ Knard what do you think of it?.

Also: my Quax rim is around 40mm which I guess is on the low side for the Knard - Is it worth using this tyre in a 40mm rim or would it make the sidewalls prone to fold?: I am guessing 40mm is not too far from the 42mm Dominator rim which some people are using with the Knard…


This is not first-hand information, but I seem to recall hearing that, due to discrete tread pattern on the Knard, it might wear more quickly on road surfaces. So, if you’re doing mixed-surface riding, you might want to be careful, especially considering the higher price of the Knard.

I rode with (behind) Augie the other day. He won the mUni event at nationals earlier this month, and he did it on a KH 26" with the 3" Knard.

I’ve switched to the 26 x 3 Knard and it’s the first tire I’ve preferred to the old school 26 x 3 Duro Leopard/Gazz. For me, the Knard seems a bit more sensitive to correct tire pressure, but the lighter weight is really a help climbing. Oddly enough, I hated the 26 x 2.75 Dirt Wizzard and just couldn’t get used to it.

Thank you very much both for the quick feedback.

A few months ago I was thinking in getting the Dirt Wizard as it is light and bigger volume than my current one: also it would fit into my current frame. But now, thinking about it, as both tyres (Dirt wizard and Knard) are quite expensive, if I upgrade, I might as well try something really different (the Knard rather than the Dirt Wizard).

I would avoid using it in town/roads and I would be using it only for Muni (that is what I am doing with my Maxxis high roller: one year old and the thread is still like new).

What type of rider are you? If you’re hard core muni rider than its too tall and soft of a sidewall and not knobby enough.
For me the Knard serves my type of riding pefectly. A really good all-arounder,( with some inherent , rounded profile camber issues ) that is expert in none (sorta like me :D) . I have it on both my 26 and 29". The dirt wizzard 2.75 is also nice, but I have a tendency of getting tripped up on it easier than the nice rolling Knard.
Its a big volume, semi-fat floaty tire. Like all floaty tires its very sensitive to the right psi, but when you get used to it and get it right, the tire is tall, low roll resistance therefore fast and the 120tpi version is light making it nice for distance climbing and semi rocky /rooty terrain hills. I also ride other tires such as the Schwalbe Big One , which is also nice and nimble for easy stuffs , but tend to go back to the preferred Knard for its versatility.

As far as the folding issues. I have it on the Oregon surly rim and it still a folding issue if I dont have it at the right psi.

I have been loving the 26x3 knard since I put it on my kh, and like it even more since it is on my geared 26er.

Put 30 PSI and it behaves very well on the street/bike tracks, because it’s 3" it becomes a 27/27.5"
At 30 PSI the rolling resistance is at its minimum but it flexes enough to roll over uneven pavement very well.

Put 15-20 PSI and it behaves like a fat tire, and roll over everything, with a pleasant rebound like if you have suspensions (especially around 15 PSI)
Very good for downhill practice, or doing rolling hops.

With the right handle setup and enough experience in riding with both hands on the handlebars I find that the road camber sensitivity disappears, this tire has a round profile, not a square one so when it is well inflated and the road camber is low to medium you don’t notice it.
I often ride on the pavement with it and the tire still is like new
My favorite tire so far

Hi UPD, thansk for detail info. A hardcore Muni rider I’m definetly not (I wish!). I have been riding unicycles long enough to ride downhill single track bike trails through the forest with loads of roots and plenty of mud. There are no rocks or anything like it so no big rolling hops/drops or anything like that, just small hops and the occasional tiny rolling hop over a small root.

At the moment I stick to riding downhill as I sruggle climbing uphill on the mentioned tracks: they are very rooty and the 2.5 tyre doesn’t manage to roll over them. I am hoping that with the big knard tyre I might just manage to roll over some of the small roots without having to hop over (which takes a lot of energy and skill!).

I like the idea that it is an all-arounder tyre as that also sounds a bit like me!:slight_smile:


The Maxxis high roller I’ve got at the moment it is not a great tyre on pavement (too much rolling resistance in my opinion - great for muddy section when off road though)) so I would love using the Knard for quick trips around town if it doesn’t get worn quickly!

Hey! I’m getting back into unicycling since a back injury, too! Only I have to stick with roads and gravel/dirt roads. No more muni.

Anyway, I plan to ride with a 700c knard because I really liked the 29x3" Knard. I pumped it up a lot for road riding and flattened it out for easy trails. Not sure how it handles on more technical routes because I had it on a narrow rim so I didn’t like it for muni. On an appropriate rim I imagine it would’ve been more fun than my Leopard. But it was a blast on my cement bike path and on some gravel roads behind my old apartment.

The higher TPI version is more lightweight but I think its sidewalls would be more likely to fold on tight turns. The lower TPI version is heavier but cheaper…might be more robust? Not sure. Maybe if someone has tried both versions, they can comment on that.

Hi bwrightback, thanks for your feedback. I think it sounds too good not to go for it, so I am going to upgrade the frame and tyre and see how it goes. I am looking forward to enjoy the new experience of riding the Knard tyre :smiley:

One more question: after the upgrade I am left with loads of parts lying around so I’m thinking in buying a 24’ wheel (with the Duro tyre) and fitting it into my 26 Quax Muni frame. Am I right to guess that it would fit?

You will have more than enough space in there for a 24x3.0 wheelset.

It may look taller than a regular 24" frame but it will work as well :slight_smile:

Excellent, thanks for the confirmation Siddhartha Valmont :slight_smile:

Not sure if I will like the 24’ size but fancy trying it without spending too much and see how it goes. I live in an island so, as far as I know, not many chances of meeting another fellow unicyclist with the wheel sizes I haven’t got… :roll_eyes:

Update on my upgrade: at last the Knard tyre arrived today. The new KH frame arrived quite a while ago (very quick service from Unicycle shop). I’ve just fitted it and it looks massive :slight_smile:

First time I see a 3’ tyre in person. Big jump from the 2.5’ I had previously. Looks great, and feels very bouncy. Will try it on the trails next… difficult to tell if there will be any folding issues yet…

Thanks everyone for the advice, photo of my new toy :smiley:

Just a quick update… Have tried it on the trails and I love it. Going uphill rooty single trials are definitely much easier: on the first day I already managed to ride some uphill sections which I don’t think I did with my earlier tyre.

It feels much faster/easier to roll and also much easier to do the rolling hops (I never have been very good at it…)

So yes, for anyone who is like me (an average rider without much ‘technical’ skill and it is thinking in upgrading to this tyre) I would say go for it, it is great. I had a fantastic time on my first day: no issues with finding the right tyre pressure or anything… The only thing I’ve noticed is that if a I do a ‘rubbish’ side hope and I land in too much of an angle the tyre tends to fold/slip underneath and you loose the balance (didn’t use to happen in my previous tyre…)