upgrade or replace?

I just out to ride, and after about 7 minutes, I broke my stupid seatpost :angry:

Here’s my question. Should I buy a new KH seatpost, or should I upgrade to a thomson/ derail base? Obviously, one option is alot chaper than the other, but I realy don’t want to keep breaking stuff.

if I upgraded, I could switch the seat back and forth from my soon to be built muni, but is it worth it?


hey miles,

What about a chro-mo seatpost? They are a bit heavier but will last heaps longer. They are a whole heap less expensive than thompson posts too.


does UDC sell them?

edit: they didn’t have a steel one in 27.2 :frowning:

Getting a derail base and thompson is going overboard for breaking a kh seatpost.

Darren might have a steel one in 27.2. Another option would be get a steel 25.4 and shim it.

You could get the new base / thompon but there are cheaper ways.

Yea but it’s highly unlikely that he’s going to break those components, whereas the Cromo seatposts are just as prone to failure. Speaking from experience (5 broken seatposts, 6 broken seats) i’d go for the Thomson combination, i’ve got it and it’s lasted me really well.

The cromo ones are at least alot stronger than the stock kh posts. Since he is really light and doesn’t do big stuff it would probably last him a while.

The CF/thompson would be stronger but that is like 15 times the price of a steel post. But then again from all of Miles’s posts it seems like he has a lot of money and wants to spend it on stuff.

Get whatever you can afford, but realize that every dollar you spend to upgrade your seatbase and post is a dollar you can’t spend on a new muni.

Aren’t you like 80 lbs? If so just get a new slightly beefier post for little money.

How old your unicycle?
I think he improved them so they are stronger now.

my uni is like 6 months old? I’m not sure. I actually don’t have alot of money, I just like to think of different ways I can spend it on uni stuff. right now I have about $450, but my bar mitvah is in september so I think I’ll get alot of money from that because all my friends did. I’ll checkout the bedford price list now.


edit: I think I have the reeinforced one, but I broke off half of the peice that connects the seat. I only have 2 bolts holding it on now, and it wiggles like crazy and I’ll probably break the remaining 2.

edit: so I should get a 24.5 cromo seatpost with a shim?

spencer, santa clarita is near LA right? if so, wow you were up really late.

I think I’m just going to get the KH one, and risk the chance of breaking it. all the steel ones were rail posts.

Why not get a Primo. They’re only around $15.00.