upgrade nimbus 36er from cotterless to isis

i would like to upgrade my nimbus so i can have kh moment isis cranks instead of my steel cotterless ones

is this possible or do i need to buy kh 36er unicycle

Are you referring to the UDC Titan, which does have the cotterless hub? The two Nimbus brand36ers, the Oracle and Nightfox, both have ISIS hubs. But yes, you can buy an ISIS hub and lace it to your current rim.

nimbus 36er

i bought my 36er from unicycle.uk.com just before they started selling them with isis hubs
i think it is nimbus nightrider
attached a pic of it

Without further info my gut is saying that it’s not gonna be easy to run ISIS on it. I think when they went to ISIS on the Nightrider the frame changed to a sort of maroon color.

The problem is the bearing holders for ISIS are 42mm, and 40mm for cotterless. There are two possibilities for making it work.

First, if your wheel has shims on the bearings then the frame is already setup for 42mm, and you can just go ahead and rebuild your wheel with an ISIS hub.

Second, you may need to get the KH 40mm ISIS adapter bearings when you get the hub. These bearings replace the original ones, and effectively bring the outside diameter to 40mm to fit machined holders on older high end frames.

Another option is to stick with cotterless, and just get nicer cranks. The Nimbus Venture 2’s are decent cranks, and they come in cotterless. Moments will add a lot of weight to your uni, and I’m not sure they would save much over the steel cranks you have (maybe a bit, but not as much as Ventures).

Moments will also introduce more Q factor to a frame/hub that’s already quite wide.

You could do the Nimbus venture 2’s cotterless. They are aluminum and come in multiple sizes.

Quax also has light weight cotterless cranks

Hi Jerome

I had the same 36er when I did RTL. It has wide spaced machined 40mm bearing housings. This makes it one of the more difficult unicycles to convert to ISIS. The easiest way would be to use the KH 40mm adaptor bearings on a superwide ISIS hub.

Out of curiosity why do you want to use moments on your 36er? I really like their outward flair (Q) when used on a standard hub but I wouldn’t want to use them on a 125mm spaced wheel, and they are quite heavy you know.

My 2002 Coker Deluxe is still going strong (though not being ridden much lately) with its original hub, no problems. And plenty of MUni miles that way. Cranks are cheaper, and usually lighter.

I also used the above-mentioned Coker Deluxe in Ride The Lobster, with no problems. Those skinny-tubed frames are also pretty whippy/twisty. If you don’t have a real need to upgrade to ISIS, I’d leave it as-is.

hi saskatchewanian ,jtrops,johnfoss,fugsworth,jojoxie

I wanted to change to kh cranks because I like them on my kh 24 muni but after reading all your comments im going to try venture 2

Id also like to be able to change my pedals when out on 36er so i can have twin hole/triple hole maybe i could drill and tap my own venture 2 just need to buy some taps 9/16 x20 tpi