upgrade HUB + cranks

hey is it possible to get a good splined hub and cranks for about 100-150$?? if so tell me cuz i want to upgrade my bedford light unicycle it has 36 spokes.

qu-ax crank set… or look in the trading forums… catboy is selling a whole street uni for 200 $ us … but u have ot remember when u buy a hub u have to know how to re-build ur wheel.

yeah i asked the local bike shop they said if i buy one they will build it for me… do u know of any web sites where i can get a new hub and cranks for like 100-150$ cuz i already have a nice bedford light uni with kh seat and alex rim.i just need to get a splined hub! any where i can get one??

the qu-ax on unicycle.com is for 48 spoke i need 36 spoke. the only other hub + cranks is the kh one and it is a bit too mufh $ for me.

the koxx 1 hub… get some nice trial bike cranks on it… but that’s gonna be $$$

Here’s the Qu-Ax splined hub with cranks: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=798

Comes out to $145 CAD + shipping… The other thing to make sure is if the bearings are the same size.

Edit: hmm I guess everyone beat me to it
Edit2: for another $50 you could get a new rim… lol

victory dint u read ? he needs 36 holes not 48

I had started to type a reply at 7:40 but got doing a few other things … when I finished my post and hit enter I THEN read about the 48 spoke … by then it was too late :stuck_out_tongue:

How bout this one:

maxisback didn’t YOU read? he want’s it for $100-150 (good like finding a Koxx for that price)

The koxx at renegade is 150 for both the hub and cranks.

hmmm I guess I stand corrected…:o

With the price of thier uni’s I thought the hardware would be pricey also.

Here’s the link:

and they are for 36 spoke.

Their prices aren’t bad if they are supposed to be similar quality to just below kh, I would price them as affordable in comparison to many companies.

Whats wrong with the koxx cranks!? And you can’t get trial bike cranks less than like 160mm. But its a good idea for a muni.

u can get 140’s for trials bike… and the koxx cranks… aluminum … I odno I just dont like the design :frowning:

I emailed Tony Melton at UDC NZ about lacing the Qu-ax hub to a 36 hole rim and he replied saying:

The Qu-ax hub has 48 holes. Therefore you’d need to do some creative lacing to fit it to a std 36 hole rim. It is possible, though. This will mean that on each side of the hub there are 6 un-used spoke holes. (Every fourth hole would be empty.) This will make a lighter wheel (due to having fewer spokes) which will be plenty strong for trials riding.

hope this is helpfull to you


you couldjust save up 250 CAD and get the KH/Onza hub/crnkset from darren bedford…i think that including shipping youll be paying about that much for one from the US anyways.

Any other cheap ones???

no, and im sorry, but there have been many many threads on things like these, and u just cant get a splined crankset for that amount. save up and do small jobs

yeah unfortunately there is no easy way to do this. i have 300 bucks and im still about 100 off from hettin the uni that im buying. and ive been saving for 3 months now thats aggravating.

what uni do u wanna get?

im buying a summit from someone