Upgrade coming soon!

Hey all!

I’ll be upgrading this site to the latest version of vbulletin before the end of the month. While I might just stick to the defaults available in the latest version of vbulletin, I am wondering what suggestions you all have to include on this site and make this community thrive once again.

Hi Gilby, have a look at last French forum at monocycle.fr it’s quite nice !

The web site works just fine. The problem is with the users. Some of them, particularly the younger crowd, have left us for Facebook. We are primarily a forum of middle-aged riders. I am happy every time a new rider stimulates the discussion on the forum, but they typically start a new thread for every new idea they have.

The other day, I decided to post some reflections on learning to wheel walk; I could not decide which of the 20 or so, single-page, WW threads to append. The best threads are the long ones, and it seems like we’ve forgotten how to do that. Apologies to the German members of the forum; look at the German threads; see how many replies there are.

A couple years ago, there was a newcomer to the forum. He made a lot of new threads. He virtually never bothered to reply to others who took the time to reply to him. As a beginner, he boasted wildly about wanting to ride 300 miles in 3 days on his 26". I suggested he use the Search function and that he didn’t have to constantly create new threads. I got an unpleasant reply from him. Not too long after, he was off the forum. Maybe he found Facebook, a more effective platform for getting attention, or maybe he stopped riding.

Maybe there is something that be done to help the website. Whenever someone tries to post a new thread, a series of click-through warnings can be displayed on the screen. For example, notify the user that threads may already exist, tell them that their post will be read more often if it is appended to an already existing, more popular thread. Or an even more high-tech solution: Instead of a user choosing a thread (new or existing) then posting to it, invert the process; the user composes first, then the post is automatically run through the search, then a list of suggested threads, based on multiple keyword searches, is returned.

Gilby, thank you for running this great site. I don’t know how hard it is to get stats on site history, but I am curious if adding new threads has always been an issue, or if the practice has increased over the years. For example, in a given year, what percentage of posts were thread-starters?

If you can upgrade it to be like this, it would be great. :slight_smile:

Great news Gibly !

I would says that as long as there is still an easy way to find the latest messages (like the current search shortcut), that will be good.

The French forum is looking nice since the upgrade and you can technically browse by section. The default view is supposed to serve as a last messages list but lacks the option of hiding read threads making the review of older unread threads (marked as such because of the upgrade I guess) quite tedious.

Let me know if I can help in any way :slight_smile:

Hi Gilby, thanks for keeping the forum going.

Similar to what Siddhartha is saying. Keep “today post” and “new post” and add categories such as distance, muni, skills, etc., or categories by unicycle size.

This way new and old members can look up or add something in the category they’re interested in a lot easier.

Upgrades., Suggestions.

Hello Gilby,
Thank You!, How about a way to close out your own post such as it might help the trading post from dredging up 12 yr. old long gone cycles and parts. Otherwise I think the world of this forum, Thank you again.

                                                                Mark (Lobbybopster)

I don’t think there is much wrong with the current software. I do see the occasional database connection error, but I take that as a hint to go outside.

You can’t really “make a community thrive”, all you can do is provide the tools. This style of BB forum suits some people more than others.