UPD'ing and magura brake levers

I’m wondering how y’all deal with UPDs damaging the brake levers on a magura. Is there a certain mounting configuration (under the seat, with handle bars) that minimizes the damage caused due to falls?

Don’t screw the bolts too tight so that the lever can move at an impact.

What Eric said.

Same (advice coming from the Master Kris Holm himself) and make sure that the front bumper of your saddle touch the ground first and not the brake lever !

Yup, what the others said. But with that being said, if you’re riding a lot of technical trails with uneven surfaces and UPD’ing a lot you will probably eventually break a lever as happened to me a couple months ago. I’d keep a spare on hand just in case as your LBS probably won’t carry them.

My brake lever hits stuff once in a while. So far the only thing that has happened is that it’s bent itself into the perfect shape for grabbing - the “customized” lever is definitely an improvement over the original.

This is perfect :smiley:

On my Nimbus 36 I put som bar ends on the handlebar because the brake lever is exposed. I still have them on.

I don’t like the untight bolts, I put a thin layer of Teflon tape between the mount and the bracelet.
Teflon leave it twist in case of collision… I’ve used this method for ages on my enduro motorbike.

The teflon may work, but it sounds like you are achieving exactly the same result. Done right the lever is tightened correctly, and not over tight. This just means that in normal use it won’t move, but in a fall with trauma to the lever it will. This was expresses to me during a Campagnolo mechanics class I attended years ago, and it has worked for me and my customers with no complaints.

The truth is that a brake lever is designed to move in one axis, and the mount can adjust in one more. This leaves a lot of room for bad hits at off angles which can’t be easily mitigated, and on occasion a broken lever. So, in the end you can only do so much. Luckily you can replace the blade without having to get a whole new lever.

my magura brake lever got twisted … I do not know when and why!
what to do now?


You could bend it back (makes it more brittle for the next time)

Or you could lop off the tip and put the starfighter dohickey farther up the lever. Come to think of it you could bend it back and if it does break off, just do that. I would definitely try to figure out something other than replacing the lever. Maguras aren’t cheap! O_O

I’m mounting one up to my 29 soon… Hope that the standard saddle mount keeps it enough out of the way.