Updates to Spring'07 KH unis


The Spring’07 shipment of KH unis arrived yesterday at Unicycle.com USA and should be available elsewhere in the next week or two.

Here are a couple of mid-season improvements to the KH lineup:

-All KH unis now come standard with Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals. These pedals are a little heavier than the Snafu’s but are way more durable.

-New Double Hole Moment cranks. These cranks have pedal inserts at both 125mm and 150mm. They are standard on the KH29 and are also available separately.

The double-hole cranks allow a rider to have ideal crank lengths for both road/easy XC riding and aggressive offroad riding, without having to have 2 pairs of cranks. Having them on the 29’er adds a huge amount of smoothness to a ride, and it’s easy to switch mid-ride if you, say, commute on a road to the trailhead.

Because of the I-beam shape of the Moment cranks, it’s possible to add a second hole at 125mm length without significantly reducing the strength of the crank. However, if you purely focus on big drops/aggessive downhill I would still recommend the solid cranks.

Kris Holm


Wow, love the double hole crank idea! Do the extra holes have plastic caps or something? It would be a shame to want to switch holes but have so much crud in there that the threads get chewed up the first time you use them.

If it doesn’t come with plugs, owners could probably substitute a piece of cork, or presumably anything non-porus that would plug the hole and keep the dirt out.

No plugs because I couldn’t source any just yet, but as you say you could easily make something or just bring a rag to wipe it clean.


Hey Kris, I like the idea with the cranks, it would be good for riding most of trails here. The Moment cranks have a noticable q-factor (though going an inch back on the crank it seems to be flat at the end) how big is the chance of your foot rubbing or hitting the crank when you screw the pedals in 125mm? I’ve said before but the JC pedals rock, so no arguments there!

At first I was worried about hitting your ankle on the part that sticks out when you use the 125mm length. But all of the Q-factor in the Moment cranks is in the section of the crank shorter than 120mm; after that the cranks go straight back. I’ve ridden on the double holed cranks for about 5 months now, and I’ve never had any problems with hitting or rubbing my foot when I’ve got the pedal in the shorter length.


Love the two hole idea! Any chance of a 165/150 combo? A lot of the aggressive riders like the 165 for really technical/steep stuff. I use 150s but sometimes would like the 165s. Really loving the 07 KH 24" muni. You did a great job on it!!

This double size crank thing sounds sweet. Do you have any pictures?


I have to skip a size because otherwise the CrMo pedal inserts would not fit. So 165/137 or 165/125 is possible, but not 165/150. Depending on the demand I could do that size at some later date. I’ll post a photo of the cranks as soon as I take one.



Reminds me of the drilled Kooka cranks from PDC, except a lot stronger, and probably cheaper.

Keep on bringing us the new innovations. :slight_smile:

Hi Kris, have you tried out Odyssey Jim C Twisted (plastic) pedals? I’ve had a pair for about 4 months now and haven’t had any problems, they’re surprisingly durable.

I bought them new, for NZ$9.95 (that’s US$7.17 --> woah, what’s happened to the US dollar?!)

I’m just thinking, they could make an awesome standard pedal for all KH unis, in comparison to (metal) Jim Cs they’re much lighter and compared to the NZ$150 that it costs for normal Jim Cs, less than 15% of the price!

I think 165/137 would be awesome for MUni.

My main concern for the stock KH uni is durability, and putting plastic pedals on the KH20 would be OK for some riders who prefer plastic for street but not for others. Putting Jim C’s standard on the unis is a better deal than buying them aftermarket, and you can always switch out to plastics or lighter weight metals later if you want.


Or just contact your dealer to put them on at your purchase, most UDC stores dont make a problem of it. It sounds like a good idea, if the extra length of crank doesn’t hit you it sounds great. I don’t think there is much terrain that actually needs 165mm cranks, I like the 150/125mm idea for 29ers and 24ers.

reminds me of this post:


Thanks, Kris!

Upgraded to Jimmy C’s can only be a good thing been riding mine for a few month and I think they’re really nice, great change on an already great product. :sunglasses:

That’s funny. I never saw that thread, but that’s exactly what they look like (the two hole one).


Wow, Kris leads the way!

Im actually suprised that you put the Jimmy C’s standard now on your KH’s. These are really good pedals.Ive had mine for awhile now. They are solid. What a deal! Also, the 2 hole idea is gr8 for the xc riders. Still waitin for the geared hubs though.

Keep up the good work.

speaking of geared hubs, will they have the option of the 2 holed cranks?

The geared hub will have ISIS spline, so would fit any ISIS-compatible cranks including the double holed cranks, if you wanted that.