Updated**UNCW Ride w/ 36er muni, etc

I finally switched the music, still blocked in some countries(?) sorry if it’s yours. Had to start a new thread since I can’t edit or delete the old one.

Made a new video to celebrate my 10 year anniversary from graduating at UNCW. First 5 minutes is 36er muni, then whatever you call this attempt at concrete riding I do (freestyle/trials?), then outtakes. Trails are right behind the main campus buildings.

As always I had a blast doing this, first time I’ve ridden all my unicycles during one ride. I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years but nothing has given me the joy that unicycling does! :smiley:

Hello JTurner
it’s a pity! I would like to see your video, especially your riding the 36er.
Unfortunetly in Germany it’s not working because of the music part.
Best regards

Hilarious about dog spiriting after you then back off after you fell (0:22) it said, “I didn’t do anything, master (jogger)”. :smiley: UNCW have unique architecture and a beautiful campus. Plenty place to do unicycling around.

I am impressed that you are good at 36" Oracle and think you should make a short demo video clips for Unicycle.com under 36" Oracle section to replace Unigeezer’s video clip since he did demo for 24" Oracle. I don’t understand why unicycle.com put same video clip in all - 24", 26", 29", and 36" Oracle anyhow but it would be nice to see diversity of unicycles in action.

Sorry Hardy :frowning:

Haha, it’s so funny I didn’t even know that dog chased me until I replayed the video! Pretty funny though, I was surprised. Yes, UNCW has a beautiful campus and architecture. Constantly building and growing, unfortunately at the expense of the wooded trails.

Thanks for the compliment but I don’t know if I’m on a level to be making demo videos. They are missing a 36" review and ride though…hmmmm? :slight_smile:

What a great vid!!! Very very nice, liked the dog scene hahaha :smiley:
Switching unis toward the end was cool and make it very interesting & amusing…
10x for sharing!

Have fun,

You make the 36" look so easy! :roll_eyes: Thanks for sharing.

Awesome video and skills. love the 36 muni.


Really worth waiting for…thanks for filming…that green rim is nearly as mesmerizing as your riding…and I love both:D

That was a fun one. Looks like a great place to ride. I love all the logs and jumps and stuff.

Thanks for the comments! Y’all are making me feel better about my riding. I only ride solo or with mt bikes so I always feel slow. Can’t wait for Douthat to actually ride with other unicyclists!