Updated please take a look

please visit my website, it’s not very good but i’d love it if people signed the corkboard and guestbook and told me what they thought of it…hint hint! :wink:

the address is: www.1wheel.20m.com

Looks pretty nice as a work in progress, just be careful about the copyrights on the pictures. Make sure that you get permission to use any you might borrow from elsewhere, and didn’t take yourself.

better than my site,

but remember, you don`t have to have scrolling text or anything else fancy just because you can.

and as far as the copyright thing goes, dont copy any of john foss's pictures, hell have you crucified.

realisticly nobody will sue you unless you make huge ammount o monney from your website.
if they do then just take the pictures down before it gets to court.

keep up the good work.

It looks nice. My first reaction was “Ewww, popups!” Try to find a host that doesn’t use popups.

Not quite, but yes, you should ask before using other peoples’ images without permission or giving credit. I notice you didn’t even list me on your links page! One of the images you lifted from my site isn’t mine either, so technically I can’t give permission for others to use it.

Pictures lifted from a commercial web site, such as your pictures of different unicycle types, are the ones you should ask about first.

I can’t say I noticed. Try to find a browser that doesn’t show popups. :wink:


Alas, I am a web developer. I use all sorts of browsers, but most of the time I view the world through the current version of IE, with all its default settings, because that’s the most common one. Today’s Mozilla/Netscape browser has succumbed and now displays most things identically to IE, but has become a mere bit player in what were once called the Browser Wars.

Mac users should check out Safari!

As far as op ups go, could you not just use unicyclist.com?

Why are people using these servers with loads of pop ups? Lycos is really bad!!

I use geocities (I started my site before I knew about the unicyclist.com Webhosting), and with them, you only just one small one in the corner.

Anyways, looking good! :slight_smile:


finds the link

thanks for all the positive feedback on the site and the tips and help

please visit again soon


The Google Toolbar does a nice job of killing pop ups in IE. The popup blocker is a new feature in the new Google Toolbar.