Updated pics...Trials And Muni

I finally got some good pics of my Trials and Muni. Theyre Here


is the muni 24’’ or 26’’ and is that a kujo tire on it?

24". IRC KUJO DH tire

very nice:)

Its dead sexy…It looks so much bigger in person

k, now i have to get an irc kujo tire for my muni.

hope they ride better than they look.

interesting tire…may have to pick one of those up and try it out.

That muni looks huge! The way you have no seatpost sticking out of the frame makes it look the size of my 29", since that’s the way I have mine.

Thats not very nice:)

Swee unis. Your trial definiately looks better. Is it the new Nimbus?

That seat on your muni is really low. How tall are you? Do you just have it set real low for hopping?

No my trials is full custom…I just like the round crown frame.

And no Im not that short but yes my Muni seat is ridiculously low…i have to fix it.