Updated KH Pulse Gloves for Spring 2011


Upgraded Pulse gloves are coming soon.
They’ll be available in 1 - 6 weeks depending on which country in the world you live in.

I’ve been riding with the upgraded gloves for a year now and I’m really happy with them.

Here are the improvements:

  1. More comfortable wrist wrap. I reshaped the semi-flexible splint to be more comfortable and less restrictive, while still keeping good support.
  2. New colour - blue.
  3. Updated fit. Sizes are larger by about one size (e.g. old large = new medium). Finger length is slightly longer.
  4. Thread tensioning was checked to make sure it’s correct. This, plus the resizing, should eliminate some tearing at seams that occasionally occurred with the previous model.
  5. The wrist opening has been ovalized, which makes them easier to get on and off.

Photos are here (scroll down) and attached.








lovin the new gloves, my old pair are just about worn out will these still be available in gray or just blue ? thanks kris

They’re available in blue. With the size of the market, I can’t offer multiple colour choices just yet.

Yes! :slight_smile:


(What a surprise!) :slight_smile:

awaa but blues gonna get dirty :frowning: ahh well im sure i can cope with that they do look awsome though have you toughend up the finger tips any ?

I love my pulse gloves, and all the problems I’ve had with it so far have been insignificant.

I thought the wrist wrap was pretty comfortable already! I’m interested to see what the new one is like. Is it curved?

Good to know about the sizes, I did my research and got my correct size, and yes the finger length was too short, but the mesh back made it not a problem.

I had never given second thought about the opening shape. Just thought it was part of getting on my protective KH gloves! So on the new model you won’t have to unfold the mesh once you get it on?

These new gloves sound perfect!! I like the neutral gray of the currents, but it isn’t that big of a deal for me.

Thanks for the updates Kris.

Hi Kris :slight_smile:
I think it would be sweet if you did some gloves that was, you know more simply :stuck_out_tongue: Your gloves are really good for protecting (what they are also made for), but I don’t really feel comfortable riding them (the old ones). Personally I only ride gloves because me hand hurts after some time if I’m not. Im riding with some 661 ( http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=47024 like those) and they’re way more comfortable riding with than your gloves because the do not have the wrist protection, so if you could make both the ones you’re making at the moment and something kinda this it would really be sweet! :slight_smile:

Re the opening shape: I never had a problem except maybe when the gloves were soaking wet. But some people seemed to struggle to put them on. It was easy to make the opening “curved” at the top side so it just stretches more to allow your hand to go in, without making it a sloppy fit.

Re the plastic splint: the plastic isn’t precurved because it’s semi flexible already. I just reshaped it so that it moves better with your wrist. Hard to explain but it is really comfortable now, in my opinion.

I did design some fingerless gloves for unicycling. Attached is a photo of the only pair in existence. Compared to regular fingerless bike gloves, the gel padding is more extensive and extends closer to the wrist (because it’s positioned to pad your palm when it hits the ground, whereas gel pads on a bike glove are intended to pad the palm when gripping handlebars). The gel is about 1/2 the thickness of the Pulse gloves.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough demand to proceed with an order, so they were never made.

The Pulse wrist support gloves are easier to justify making, because they offer something that doesn’t otherwise exist: a glove with wrist support but no plastic palm splint, that’s actually comfortable for grabbing the saddle handle.

So I don’t know if I’ll ever succeed in releasing the fingerless gloves - will have to see. It might be easier in Europe where there’s more riders.

For those riders who want fingerless wrist support gloves, best is to just cut the fingers off the Pulse gloves and sew up the loose seams =)

Personally though, I love riding trials with gloves that have some wrist support, because after thousands of falls and 25 years of riding I’m pretty sure I’d otherwise have some serious wrist issues. For anyone who thought the grey gloves were restrictive, I suggest giving the blue ones a try because the new splint shape is a big improvement.



They look great! I held off buying some due to the feedback they were tight but I will look forward to getting a pair of these. Currently I use fingerless Harbingers but I would like full fingers (that are not too tight) with a bit less (but still enough) wrist support to prevent injury. Looks like you have got it just right!

Thanks! I have been riding your unicycles for many years now and the construction and quality are awesome. You really make great products.


I would like a pair of these fingerless gloves with padding the right place - if you ever make them - -

Best regards,

If you do end up making fingerless, don’t forget to put a tab on the end of the strap, so that it is easy to undo

Wow! your fingerless gloves was just what I asked for :smiley: They look really good :slight_smile: So sad there’s only one pair in the whole world :frowning:
Pls! Can I have them xD hehe

One mod I made to my (old version) full finger pulse gloves was to cut just the very tip off the right index, so I could operate my ipod while riding my 36er along the beach bike path. When I get the new, improved pair, I’ll do the same thing but this time make it so it can be removed for road riding, then reattached with velcro, for MUni.

Hi Kris, can I ask you a question? Look at the picture below. Is that a normal? These are brand new gloves. After three rides (about 3h each) and two falls (asphalt and dirt) looks like this. I’m quite disappointed :thinking:

i really hope they are better made! i love all your kh products, but the quality of the gloves are bad. every time i fall on them, my wife have to stitch them… or they even cant be repared. i like they way they are made, but not the quality.

I know that the grey gloves wore faster for some people that I would want. I think it might have to do a little bit with fit - because they fit small and the fingers were slightly short, a lot of people bought them quite tight, which would put extra stress on the seams. The slightly longer fingers in the new gloves puts less stress on the base between each finger and sizing them slightly larger puts less stress across the palm. The synthetic nylon used in the glove palm area is the same as what’s used in DH bike gloves.

Because the gloves get made in big quantities (so not very often), I’ve already been testing the new blue gloves for a year, with hundreds of falls on them. My original pair are looking pretty worn now but none of the seams have ripped.


Can I buy a pair of two left gloves?

I have owned a couple sets of KH Pulse gloves and I will be one of the first to buy a Spring 2011 pair when available. I also own a a pair of ProDesign, Hillbilly (fingerless), and DocMeter’s Flexmeter but all of those have plastic skid plates in the palm that make it all but impossible to operate the brake lever on the Shadow handlebar of my "36 Nimbus (disc) Impulse. My left “braking” hand rarely leaves the handlebar (see Title of post) so Pulse gloves are my one and only option. Another wonderfully unique product brought to market by Kris Holm that I just can’t live without. I stitch up the rips and tears as they come thanking goodness all the way that the glove saved me from road rash. As for handling the brunt force of a UPD off a 36er at speed, I trust my right “disc golf” wrist to DocMeter’s Flexmeter from SnowBoardingSecrets dot com. I got the all seasons guards but would be interested to know if the Single Splint guards would allow me to operate my brake lever. I have asked this in a couple of other (see links below) threads if anyone knows.

Edit: I understand the supply/demand curve of a niche market but if those fingerless ever go into production, I would most certainly buy a pair.


Hey Kris,

I didn’t see any comments re bacteriostatic/cidal treatment of the new gloves. Did you consider it?

While I love my grey pulse gloves, I don’t love the way my hands & wrists smell after a decent ride – they wreak – as do my lower legs from the impact shin/knee guards. I’ve washed both gloves and guards by hand several times, which helps for 1 or 2 rides before the funk returns. I’m reluctant to machine wash, for fear of significantly reducing their life expectancies.

I was also wondering if is there any aftermarket treatment you would recommend to control the funk, besides frequent washing? I’ve heard that hydrogen peroxide works well, but I fear it would weaken stitching & materials. Your thoughts?

I know I have a sensitive sniffer, and that others might not even notice, but I find it hard to withstand the funk that emanates from my wrists & legs and fills my office after lunchtime rides!


UPD in Utah

(a.k.a. Bert)