Updated family photo

My new KH24 arrived this morning. After spending a few minutes assembling all the parts I took it out for a brief ride around the neighborhood.

When I got back I decided it’s time for an updated unicycle family photo.

Cool. Here’s my latest. I haven’t ridden Buster yet, though.


Harper, if you want to keep up withthe Grant’s you’ve got some buying to do!

You are behind by by 3 unicycles, or four wheels depending on how you look at it. Certainly a respectable number though considering you can only ride one at a time.:smiley:

Harper, Is buster a shar-pei… I’ve got two myself but both are brushcoats not horse coats like buster. Or at least he looks like a horsecoat. Anyways i feel i need to get some “kids” cause my family is alot smaller.

Buster is half Shar-pei half golden retriever. Goofy looking, isn’t he?

I think he’s pretty cute.

Man that’s a cool dog. Where did the goofy part come from.

Are any of those unicycles owned by your dog? :slight_smile:

Hey mgrant what type of unicycle is the one that is the 5th one from the left.

That would be a mini giraffe.


So, I guess the question is…What one is your favorite, yes i asked it…What one is your favorite, same to you harper.

Hmmm, I do not see red Kooka’s on the SH muni. That photo is not the latest. It is out of date. It is old news. We’re not interested in the unicycles that you used to have last week. We want to see your updated family photo.

It’s a homemade mini-giraffe. It’s in really bad shape. I made the frame in high school metal shop and it the wheel barely fits in the frame. The seat tube is really flimsy and occasionally I have to bend it back into place. The wheel is a 12 1/2" rear wheel from a kids bike with the sprocket part welded on.

It’s loads of fun when it’s in working condition. I’ve done some really big spins (720 +) on it. It’s just not very sturdy.

Unfortunately now it just hangs from the ceiling coming out only when I take a photo.



I love them all equally :slight_smile:

And like kids, the newest usually gets the most attention and may even keep me up nights.


What’s scary is, I can name all of the unicycles in Harper’s family except for one. I don’t know whether to feel pathetic about my obsessiveness, or mad at my inability to identify the girraffe.

nimbus II / Bedford
Steve Howard
Steve Howard / Blueshift
don’t know

Michael’s isn’t quite so easy…

don’t know
don’t know
united (?)
don’t know girraffe
don’t know stack
homemade BC

You know you could have cheated and gotten 100% correct by visiting my new gallery


I take some comfort in the fact that the ones I didn’t know were actually home-made jobs or an obscure modified “taiwanese frame”.

Well you should be utterly ashamed that you could not identify Harper’s 6 foot Semcycle giraffe. :astonished:

The three wheel stack would have to be a great parade uni. Great pic, thanks for sharing. --chirokid–


The one you identified as a Sem is actually a Torker 24" frame, the one that was originally used on the uni.5, with a yellow Viscount saddle. Otherwise you’re right…you’re a sick guy. Are you going to film Moab this year?

quite right
what we want is a picture of u tied up, beaten up and holding a copy of today’s newspaper