update to Ride The Lobster

update to Ride The Lobster

when i said there were 12 unicyclists from Canada who have placed their name on the list, that did not include the other 90 riders from the other 16 countries who have also placed their name on the list.

in summary, we have over 100 riders from 17 countries so far having expressed direct participation interest in the race. we expect lots of spectator-unicyclists to attend and cheer on their favourite relay team.

about 5 unicyclists from across the USA are coming this 14-17 September to Nova Scotia for a preview of the Route and Race. We’re holding a good old kitchen party at The Lobster Galley in Baddeck, Cape Breton on Saturday 16th September 2007, as part of our kick-off. We invite anyone who reads this to join in. The Metal Cowboy, stand-up comic from Oregon USA, will be one of the featured entertainers.

Anyone who is good at web design should contact me. I need to place an RSS feed on the website www.ridethelobster.com

1-800-565-6116 North America
001-902-765-6116 Worldwide

Does the preview include riding, or is it a auto-preview of the route?

We are bringing our unicycles for some riding (and photos).

Is the kitchen party open to potential Lobster riders? I’m planning to try the race (anyone interested in a 50+ geezer team?), but have to see how this season’s training goes. Baddeck in the fall, with unicycles, unicyclists, and lots of Keiths would be a pretty powerful recruiting tool…if it’s not gate-crashing, I’ll be there for sure!


im closely thinking about signing up, is there and entry fee

This thread should answer most questions.

my understanding is there is no entry fee

hope to see y’all in 2008:D

The Lobster Galley Kitchen Party with The Metal Cowboy

This event is planned for Saturday 15th September this fall at The Lobster Galley near Baddeck, Cape Breton – a great part of the province. It’s being planned as a kick-off promotion and fund-raiser for the unicycle Race Preview Team when they come up for a few days. The Metal Cowboy, stand-up comic and storyteller, will be one of the featured entertainers.

Everyone, especially geezers from NewfoundLAND, is welcome, after all this is a kitchen party with some great Cape Breton entertainment planned. I would suggest you email host jean@lobstergalley.com to reserve a place. The place will be packed. A poster and Flash event trailer will be made available on the Ride The Lobster website in about a month.