Update: RSU FAQ wiki


A lot of content has been added on the RSU FAQ wiki since yesterday, and various people have contributed! If you want to add something, just do it.

The address is: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Unicycling

It now has links to high quality video footage of unicyclists. I’m sure that the list is very incomplete, but it is easy for you to add links to that page, simple press edit!

Much general information has been added too. Mostly gathered from the archives and rewritten for the FAQ. I would like to see that the FAQ contains a lot of information about unicycle hardware and unicycle maintenance! I know that skills are already covered at a lot of places. Suggestions and additions are welcome!

This morning I added some stuff on backward wheel walk one-footed. Then I looked back at the page later and it was gone. So I re-editted it back in. Then I looked at the page again just now, and it had been deleted again, so I restored it.
I hope the stuff I have added on freestyle tricks is not objectionable in any way. If there is some reason the page can’t have any stuff on backward wheel walk one-footed, I would like to know it. Otherwise, please don’t delete that section again. If you think the advice I gave is way out of line, edit it and re-write it as much as you want, (I don’t pretend to be an expert on this stuff) but don’t delete it. And if you simply don’t want anymore stuff there on freestyle, please say so.

I have not deleted anything, seriously! I hope that’s not the case anyway. It’s not like I’m in “charge” of the page or anything, I’d like to see it evolve on its own. I’m sure everyone is happy with what you’ve added and would like to see more! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to look into what happened anyway.

OK. I just went through the last 100 updates to the page (since 17:24, 21 Jan 2005), and nothing had been removed, stuff had only been added and modified. The only possibility I can think of is that it was never saved properly, sometimes the server is a tad unresponsive.

In case something accidently is deleted at some point it will always be easy to restore it as soon as it is detected.

Oh… and thanks for going through existing entries and polishing the language too! I saw that! :slight_smile:

PS. To read the history of changes and look at prior revisions, just click on the history tab.