Update on cheap flights and accommodations for Unicon XII

Hi all,

In the last couple of months I have been attempting to get cheap
flights and cheap
accommodations for Unicon. Here is the current status.


  1. The organizers are not in a position to help (we tried several times)
  2. Kinki Nippon Tourist, who organized many teams to Unicon, has
    investigated for
    various countries that requested cheap flights, like Brazil, Spain,
    Israel and China.
    They had some success for China (cheaper but not much cheaper) and
    the status of
    the other countries is still not clear.


  1. The rules of the Olympic facilities are very strict and discounts
    cannot be given
  2. The idea of putting two kids to a bed so as to lower room prices,
    which I discussed
    with JUA, also doesn’t work. The rules are very strict (as they
    are for every aspect
    of life in Japan).
  3. There are cheap accommodations in Tokyo, like “Guest Houses” and
    cheap ryokans.
    I will investigate if there is a demand (you can search for
    +“guest house” +Tokyo" –
    I got 29,000 hits) so please let me know.

I am sorry to disappoint all those who have been expecting financial
assistance or cheap
accommodations. I have tried but my efforts have not been very
successful. I have
still not given up hope as I am waiting for an answer from Kinki Nippon,
whom I will
contact again today.

Unicon XII Convention Chairman
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.
Website: http://www.kanji.org