Update: March 8, 2005

Tuesday, March 8: Class & Practice at Washington 6-9
Class: 7-8

Wednesday, March 9: Practice at Prosperity 7-9

Thursday, March 10: Practice, Basketball at JennyLind 5-8
Basketball: 5 - 6
Practice: 6 - 8 (and possible half-gym from 5-6)

Thursday, March 10: Danish Invasion of TCUC begins! Please welcome the
Danish unicyclists when you see them at practices.

Friday, March 11: NO PRACTICE

Monday, March 14: ShowGroup, Hockey at JennyLind
ShowGroup: 4:30 - 7:30
Hockey: 7:30 - 8:45

Tuesday, March 15: Class & Practice at Washington 6-9
Class: 7-8

Wednesday, March 16: Practice at Prosperity 7-9

Thursday, March 17: St Patrick’s Day parade in New Richmond, WI
line-up at 3pm
parade outfit: wear the normal TCUC outfit – but accent it heavily
with green!

Friday, March 18: Regionals at Arlington HS
time: 6-9
what: workshops, hockey, free time

Saturday, March 19: Regionals at Arlington HS
time: 9-8
what: hockey (morning), fun races (afternoon), artistic
competition (evening)

Tuesday, March 8: David Wiljamaa
Wednesday, March 9: Audrey Zahradka
Friday, March 11: Genevieve Hansen (11)
Saturday, March 12: Simon Insook (7)
Tuesday, March 15: Tess Macey (10)

Events to mark on your calendar:
July 26-30, 2005: NAUCC 2005 in Ohio
July 23 - August 2, 2006: Unicon 13 in Langenthal, Switzerland

Prosperity Recreation Center: St Paul (east side). Two blocks
west of White Bear Ave and halfway between Hwy 36 and 94
From White Bear Ave, go west on Cottage Ave for two blocks
to Kennard St.
Washington Middle School: St Paul. 1041 Marion St. A few blocks
west of Rice St, between Cook and Lawson. Approx 1 mi north
of Hwy 94. Enter double doors on west side of bldg (Galtier St).
Park on the street.
Christ the King Lutheran Church: Just off Silver Lake Road and
694. On 7th Street east of Highview middle school.
Jenny Lind: Minneapolis. Located on DuPont between 49th and 50th Ave,
three blocks off of 94 (the 49th and 53rd exit)

Connie Cotter
TCUC President