Update...did the Coker wheel survive?

I can’t believe how very little truing I needed to do to get the wheel in perfect (perfect for riding, not for selling as new, of course) condition!

No damage to the wheel, apparently, and I was able to do the whole precedure while watching the only unaired episode of the Family Guy (season 3 DVD set :))

We all know that unicycles don’t fit in the typical truing stands. However, they do fit in bike stands. And with a zip tie cut (no need to be specific on the size, cut it longer than you think, because you can just twist it if it is too long) one has an ideal unicycle truing wheel.

I didn’t even need to remove the wheel from the frame to true it.

The Coker lives to plow through more snow banks and icy sidewalks (with my laptop slung…a costly wipeout, I would presume) for the winter season of school.

edit: for those who don’t what the wheel went through, it’s here

I think I need to get me a two-stack uni, with Coker wheels, of course…looks fun!