Update- Argentina/Chile/Bolivia uni adventure

Hey all,

Am in the middle of a fun uni adventure in South America and thought I’d give an update.

Just got back from an attempt to do the first uni descent of Licancabur, a 5,950 m high volcano on the border of Chile and Bolivia. In short, I found it very hard. The volcano is accessed from Chile to a small hut in Bolivia, right on the border. We started climbing from the base of the route (4500 m elevation) at 3:40 AM and made it to the summit at about 10 AM. It was incredibly tiring to climb with the uni at that elevation and I threw up on the summit. So it was fun in a goal-oriented sort of way!

So I rode on the crater rim on the summit but was unable to descend the volcano on the uni due to technical difficulty and exhaustion. But I was still very happy to ride on the summit and hike back down.

Apart from that, I did a cool muni ride in the Atacama Desert near San Pedro, Chile (unbelievably dry here!) and am now heading to the town of Salta, Argentina, where apparently there are some cool trails.


Kris Holm

RIDe with us!

i cant belive you guys come to south american and just forget to pass trought brazil!

Brasil is wonderful, you shouldn‘t miss it at all.

I would if possible but don’t have time on this trip. Maybe next time!


this is sad… i will never meet my idols at all :frowning:

have a nice trip kris…
i hope you make a video of this trip!