I willpost this as I can’t be the only one that had been wondering.
I realised UPD meant tip the uni. However I did not know the direct transulation untill I just it in an old post. “UNPLANED DISMOUNT” :roll_eyes:

as long as we’re on the subject…

an LBS is a local bike store, but thats just another TLA…

…Three Letter Acronym :slight_smile:


The pedant strikes: TLA is an abbreviation, not an acronym. An acronym spells a word, or at least a pronounceable pseudoword. Thus, NATO would be an acronym as it can be pronounced as a word.

I came across a nice one recently, on a badge: SHARP. That’s Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice. Apparently it was not a wind up.

Never knew that before.

However, if you want to be pedantic, shouldn’t it be “upd” (or even “upd.”) instead of “UPD”?
I.e. aren’t abbreviations only capitalized if they are proper nouns?
And, IF I’m correct, then UPD and TLA are neither acronyms nor abbreviations; so they are “just” jargon?

Note this definition (as jargon) allows for acronyms that are not “words”:

I think it’s fair to use capitalise sometimes, when something has a special meaning or significance (e.g. a Good Thing; a Good Man but a Bad Thing).

If we want to be picky, rather than pedantic (a subtle distinction, but not unimportant) then it should be “ud”, as “unplanned” is a single word.

An earlier acronym that never found favour was Sudden High Impact Termination, althoug I still use this one myself when I UPD.

Why be pedantic or nit-picky? Acronym or abbreviation - who cares? We’re talking about something shorter that represents something longer. Which ever word you use, everyone understands. I understand there is a difference in meaning and that sometimes we make mistakes in conversation. Some mistakes are just too trivial to warrent interupting the thread of conversation.

(this was not meant to be an attack on Mikefule or anyone else)


just a few i use
tbh-to be honest
btw-by the way

dont let me catch anyone saying “lol” or “omg”

Not interrupting, diverting. Linguistic pedantry, footling irrelevance, and self-parody are vital to the well being of the English middlebrow.:wink:

My grandaughter has a much better explnation of UPD.
Like she told her mom, “the bike went that way and grandpa went the other way”. She doesn’t read yet so UPD would have no meaning to her.:wink:


oppss : )


Hey, right on! That’s the sound I make when I hit the ground.