UPD Tuesday #2 - MUNI

Here are some more UPDs for you! SUBMIT CLIPS to mountainunicyclingnetwork@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy! :smile: :uni: :uni2:


That’s a very encouraging video. When I watch this it reminds me of those days when I can’t ride over the smallest of rocks without UPDing. I mean, everyone in the video rides more difficult trails than I do, but it’s got to know that they all fall.

@Cedar_Dobson1 Keep up the great work! It’s such a great idea to collect clips and make make them into thematic videos!



Yes, it is somewhat of a relief to know that everyone falls, and when you try to ride a line twenty times and fail every time, you know someone else out there is doing the same. The UPDs are great lessons that don’t only teach you about riding, but also about yourself and how you can improve/change your mindset about failing (in life too).

Aww, thank you, it’s SO fun creating videos for this channel. By MUni riders, for MUni riders haha. I am working on more cinematic-style videos that will be coming soon, so stay tuned! :smile: :uni:


Lol this is great!

I’m pretty sure I have successfully emulated all of those dismounts over the years.



The uncontrolled coasting UPDs send a shiver down my spine… I remember those horrible ones!

I hope I never make it on UPD Tuesdays.

There are days that I wonder why I keep doing this, consodering how frustrated and angry I sometimes get.

@r4nd1nt Remind yourself of the reasons why you’re riding and ask yourself what you enjoy most about the sport/what it teaches you most. There are definitely days when we can’t ride the lines we want and we fail, but that’s when we accept where we are at a skill-based/mental/physical level. The next ride will be better, and it will be as good as you make it :smile: :uni: