UPD T-shirts work perfectly

I have tested the UPD shirts made by Catboy. They are completely effective at causing UPD’s when worn frontwards or backwards.

This is the shirt being worn backwards. As you can see it’s just as effective causing UPD’s when worn like this. Thanks, Catboy.

I dunno, don’t you have to actually get on that thing first?

Hmmm. I notice that with the t-shirt the right way round you UPDed forwards, but even on reversing the t-shirt you still UPDed forwards. Either this is all part of some fiendishly cunning and elaborate hoax, or your t-shirt may be faulty.


I can’t address the design parameters, Phil, because I wasn’t part of the research team. I, like you, expected reverse UPD’s when wearing the shirt backwards. There must be an absolute value function at work in the control mechanism. I’m sure Catboy is apprehensive about revealing his design secrets but hopefully he will speak to this issue before we become more confused (were that possible.)

I think the real question is, what’s a pdn?

IMNSHO, to get the most out of the “unplanned” part of the dismount, the direction of fall is completely random and does not depend on the way the shirt is worn.

HUH??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Silly, you’re overlooking the obvious! You’re in the northern hemisphere!

A pdn is clearly a upd down under.

So what happens if you wear the shirt upside down then?

I’ve been reading The Half-blood Prince lately, and the book inspired me to do this :slight_smile:


dude, if you were in a toga, id think you were some wise man or something.

I’m glad the shirt is working out fine. The equation I used for the design of the shirt is thus:


Where ‘s’ is the value of the size as a variable of the 32nd Mersenne prime. ‘d’ is the cosine of the quadratic function of the design and ‘n’ is the degree around your body in which you wore it.

So far, a medium shirt, in design number 4 worn at -74 precisely will yield the greatest UPD outcome. And a small shirt design 2 worn at +19° will yield the smallest UPD.

I’ve created a chart to show the relation of all possible outcomes. Blue-Orange is a ‘Safe-Zone’ but the red area could cause you to eat some dirt fo sho. as you can see, since Greg was wearing his shirts at 180 and -180 degrees within a few degrees, a large and design number 4 his UPD was in the Blue-Turquoise area at most.

NOTE: Do Not Attempt Yellow-Red Zones On Stairs Cliffs Or Other Potentially Fatal Areas!!!


This clarifies everything. Since 180 and -180 are the same angle, one would expect the same UPD outcome. Has your mom been doing your homework again? Cool shirts…clever design.

Ironically, my mother is a teacher… however, she teaches 3 year olds. They learn thier ABC’s, but not any super mathofrologicalistic eqayshuns like I do… I think they learn those in Kindergarten.

I’m going to go with… conspiracy theory. It looks like a camera trick. Staged. Look at the angle of the shadows and the direction of the fall. Clearly, this is a hoax. And I bet you believe we’ve been to the moon, too!

(Besides, wearing a UPD shirt BACKWARDS should PREVENT UPDs, right? duh! And did anyone think to try the other two orientations???)

Dude, that was a lot of work for something that was already funny. Congradulations.

You checked his math??? Now THAT’s a lot of work (Catboy was just posting some of his design documents that he already had available).

Lol. Lol. Lol. :smiley:

Re: UPD T-shirts work perfectly

On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 14:12:58 -0500, tholub wrote:

>I think the real question is, what’s a pdn?

I thought we were discussing the effect of the shirt worn backwards on
bqu potential.

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