UPD Shirts For Sale!!!

At long last we’ve gotten some sample t-shirts printed out in white. The design is clean, smooth, and looks great. I had the image cleaned, so the letters are proportional, and all coloring is smooth and correct.

Heres the design up close on a white T-shirt.

Now here’s the deal. White shirts are ready and able to be shipped, however, I’m going to need a few orders to come in before I can print brown shirts, since they require a several hundred dollar process to be printed. So as soon as I get a few orders for brown then I’ll get them ready to print.

These shirt designs are available in white:

  1. UPD Logo on Front
  2. UPD logo on Back
    These shirt designs are available in brown:
  3. UPD Logo on Front
  4. UPD Logo on Back, Crashing Delivery Man on Front Left Chest.

So for the first few weeks I’ll be making you all a deal:
1 shirt(brown or white) for $20USD, no shipping cost.
2 shirts(brown or white) $30USD, no shipping cost.

Send all orders, and potential orders to me via PM or email at Catboy@gmail.com, and I’ll reply promptly with a mailing address for payment, and any other info.

Include in your message:
Number of shirts, Color, Design Number(listed above), Size, Shipping Address, and your first and last name.

Cash, Postal Money Order, or Cashiers Checks only.

That’s right, you can look as Mac Daddy as this here thug for only $20, or you and your friends and family can roll together for only $30.

For now, I will only be shipping to people in the continental US. But soon, international shipping will be available.


il take a brown one how do ya wanna take payment

If more people place orders for the brown shirts will the $30 price go down?

Does number 3 have the crashing delivery man on the back?

They came out looking good though!:smiley:

If I get orders in larger quantities I will lower the price. Order more shirts, and you’ll get a better deal.

Number 3 only has the UPD logo on the front, sorry.

Ben_Unruh, PM or Email me.

What he said.

Also what about paying with PayPal?

Thanks for reminding me, I WILL be accepting payments through paypal, email or PM me for my Paypal info.

If number 3 only has the UDP on the front, is there any possibility whatsoever of having another design with UPD on the front and the guy on the back on a brown shirt?

As I sit here visualizing it in my head that’s what comes off as being most visually appealing design.

If you want the Chrashing Delivery man on the back, you can have it. However, it’ll only be the size of the one on the front, nice and small. :slight_smile:

Well then, that sucks.

The orders are slowly but surely rolling in. I’ll be able to print the brown shirts soon.

Keep sending in orders!

Isn’t that $20 for one shirt (either color) and $30 for 2 shirts (either color)?

Same here, Is there any way we can get the crashing delivery man large on the back and still have it a reasonable price?

OOPS - Sorry for the double post. Have to be careful which buttons you push. It won’t let me delete.

Yup, thats right.

It’s only $20 for one shirt in any design, or $30 for 2 shirts in any design.

i lost $30 at video poker last night, there goes my shirts.

Is this an iron on transfer or a silk screen? Or perhaps something else???

It’s a multi-color process silk screen. Special film has to be printed for each color, burned onto screens and printed onto shirts. The white shirts are a different film process, that uses some special type of papers wo layer each color on. However, the process only works on white, and silk screening must be used on brown.

If orders come in the way that they have been, the brwon shirts should be going to print sometime next week.

Keep the orders comin!

Cool shirts. Does the “no shipping cost” still count for orders from the UK?


Is there any way we can get just the brown shirt with the UPD logo on the back without the falling delivery man on the front?