UPD Shirts are finally done!!!

At long last, the UPD shirts are done and look pretty darn good if you ask me. I went and picked up the 50 brown ones today, and have everyone’s pre-orders ready to ship out tomorrow or the next day.

Look at all these shirts!!!

I’d like to thank all the many trusting and generous people who invested in this project and helped it go from paper to reality, I beleive it was well worth the wait for these shirts. Just take a look at them!




If anyone would like to order, I’m now shipping internationally, and have sizes Small, Medium, Large and Xtra-Large.

To order send Check or Postal Money Order to:

UPD Shirts
15990 Scarlet Way
Reno, NV 89521
United States

Or send an order through paypal to:


Be sure to include the following information in your order:
Amount of Shirts
Sizes of Shirts
Your Address

I’ll be sending an e-mail to all of the pre-order people soon with some more info and goodies.

P.S. I’ll have 30 shirts up at the Santa Barbara Muni Weekend if anyone is interested!!!

how much u sell em for ?

Woah, sorry I totally forgot about price.

At CMW, they’ll be $15 USD
To order they’re $15 USD+Shipping.

kk … im thinking of buying one I just dont like the big upd logo in the back…

Do you carry and shirts in extra medium?

thats called large

It says the front logo ones have been discontinued so that means if I order one it’ll just have the upd logo on back? Cuz I’d for sure order one if I could have both logos on.

I am also interested in purchasing one…if it has both the front and back designs. How much is shipping and handling?

No, I am only discontinuing white shirts, the shirts for sale have both logos on them.

How do we know how much shipping will be?

Pretty shirts. Thanks for going to the trouble of making them, Catboy. Now that they’re done you’ll get all the complaints from people who didn’t know you were making them and couldn’t follow simple ordering instructions. (Why can’t I get red on yellow with half of the back logo reverse colored in toddler sizes?) I hope it doesn’t put a damper on your creativity.

But how much is shipping???


Hi, I also would like to buy two shirts but how much is the shipment to Germany ?

It comes with free UPS shipping to any country right?

No, shipping is not free, and the price varies from person to person.

Generally shipping costs are(for 1 shirt):
US: $5
Canada or Non Continental US: 7-10
West Europe: 12

Email me at Catboy@gmail.com for actual prices and price estimates further than Japan or West Europe.

thanks, now i know that the shirts are actually $20 instead of $15, but hey who cares? the shirts are awesome :slight_smile: so i might have to get one.

hmm i want one…

15+12=27 thats too much for me.

tell me when the prices have dropped

Catboy…heads up; I sent you a paypal order for a shirt.

Can’t wait to get it.

Thanks Jack for the order, it’ll be in the mail tomorrow.

Fexnix, shoot me an email and maybe we can work something out.

Hey Catboy, what shipping service are you using to send us our shirts?