UPD Shirt Update!

Dear Buyers and Potentials,

Thank you all so much for believing in this project and your patience in waiting for things to get off the ground. I went to my screen printer today and he’ll workingon getting the shirts ready to ship ASAP. Our approximate print time is 2 weeks, and at the latest, will be done in time for the santa Barbar Muni Weekend. I appoligise to any of you who have been distressed by this long period without updates and no shirts, but I thank you again for not coming to me asking for your money back. I assure you ll that the product will be well worht the wait time. I’ll have pictures ready as soon as I get the first run of 50 shirts, and shirts will ship the day I get them.

Thanks again,
Eric “Catboy” Pearson

P.S. If you haven’t sent in your money, please do so:
You can send money through paypal to: pearsonje_256@hotmail.com

Or you can send Cash, Cashiers Checks or Postal Money Orders to:
Eric Pearson
15990 Scarlet Way
Reno, NV 89521

I can’t wait!!! These will be my first uni shirts, and now I get to show people I uni. Loud and proud.:smiley:


Be honest and tell us how much of a hit you’re taking per shirt. It’s easy for those of us who used PayPal to compensate you so you don’t “lose your shirt” on this deal.

Actually, since I posted this, quite a few orders just came in. So I’m gonna be doing fine. Thanks for the concern though.

hey catboy who did you get to make the shirts

Please ship mine yesterday. I ran out of shirts and don’t want to do laundry.

You should also request yesterday air shipping. Even if you ship it next day air, that would mean you would have to wear your bathing suit for two days in a row.

It’s beginning to get too chilly here for the bathing suit, Chad. All my evening gowns are soiled, too.