upd...kinda...into river

Just had an interesting UPD. technically, i didnt fall off of the unicycle, though. I was on my coker doing some muni on the American River, and I ended up in the American River. There is a dirt trail along the river that isnt too tough, aside from having to duck quite often due to overhanging blackberry bushes. Then, out of nowhere, the trail drops about a foot where there apparently was a landslide. I was at about 70% speed and was able to dismount, but i couldnt hold on to the seat and my uni kept going! It fell about 15 feet down the slope into the river, and i leaped into the water(about 5ft out and 7ft down) after it. i felt kinda stupid afterward, with my coker and me dripping wet now faced with the task of climbing back up the hill. I might have to go back just to get pictures.

PS I now remember this part of the trail from about 8 years ago when my brother’s friend fell at the same spot. I imagine it was caused by erosion due to the river or a fallen tree.

Heh heh. Where along the river/bike path?

about 100-200 yards downstream of the watt avenue bridge on our side of the river.

Sounds like an great place to ride guys. American River, right?
Did you get any pics of the river and the crime scene, ie; gravity test?

i will go back tomorrow for pics.

Well in that case, I have to ask. If you see a guy pissing in a pot of gold…let me know.

…know anything about prospecting?

if you want a bunch of fools gold/iron pyrite, then the american river’s the place for you. if you seek gold, go to the coldest parts of russia. people know where it is, but dont go get it because russia sucks

Yea it’s alway’s where someone else found it. But if you found a paysreak would you openly tell others? Somehow I doubt either of us would. And your right, Most prospecters are…lets say, doo-faces, ditchbankokies…lol.

But a very few (prospectors) are intelegent decent people with all their teeth…lol

Guess I was inquiring if you, or your buddy we’re one of the later. The prospecter part I mean, The rest (intel & dec) is assumed. Thanks man.

American River, yes. 30-mile bike path! And lots of dirt paths along the sides (though most of it not bike-legal). I have lots of pictures of the general area, mostly scattered in my “Misc. Riding” albums. See them here.

You won’t find gold in the parts of the river where the bike path is; it’s long gone. In fact in many areas you can still see the aftereffects of dredge mining that was done along there from the 1940s-70s. It was there. Nowadays you can still find trace amounts farther upstream, starting around Auburn. People still pan and use other methods, but mostly for hobby and not profit. I think it’s easier to find rattlesnakes along the trails… :slight_smile:

Wow, panning for rattlesnakes? You Americans are crazy.

like father like son

Hey unireed, not so bad, at least you were able to recover the uni!
I was riding a dirt path along the edge of the river in the Spring, during high water, and it occurred to me that if I dropped the uni into the river, I’d probably never see it again. Of course, those thoughts made me nervous enough that I promptly UPD’d, but fortunately was able to keep hold of the beast. :stuck_out_tongue:
Shortly after a friend told me about seeing a skateboarder lose control on a bridge, with the board rolling right off the edge of the bridge into the river far below.

i think that in any water i would jump in after it. even my worst uni it would be worth it

In general, me too. However, during high water on our mountain rivers, I’m talking about high volume, fast moving, cold, muddy water with lots of debris in it. The uni would have been immediately out of sight and moving fast, and going into the water would be very dangerous. I still consider myself to be worth more than my KH (even if just barely).

Yea so it is said,
And it’s amazing how many people still buy minning equipment for hundreds if not thousands and don’t find but 20 bucks worth in a day.
Harder to find than a Uni in muddy water…But I think I too wouldn’t even hesitate, I’d dive right in on top of it to save the Uni.
Now that’s adventure…
(note to self, leave wallet in truck to muni down by the river…)

fortunately, i didnt have any non-waterproof things with me. bike shorts dont have pockets.



Britney Spears.

George W. Bush.

There is no shortage of evidence that Americans should all be locked in the loony bin. Myself included.

this post belongs in jc.



I find Google maps a good way of displaying locations. Unfortunately Maps doesn’t cover the whole planet yet :roll_eyes: so we can’t actually get on the cycle path. From your directions you went into the river on the right of the first bunch of trees? I might have the direction wrong as I don’t know what side of the river you were on - so why not google map it next time!? :slight_smile: