upcoming unicycle video.

hey just telling you guys to be looking for my new video soon i got my kh street seat so i’ll be trying some new stuff.

also i’ve been working on my trials course at my house so expect to see some of that!

ok :sunglasses:

How long do you think it will be? roughly?

why didnt you wait and make a thread when uve made your video?:stuck_out_tongue:

Well now that we are expecting it, and he knows that, it better be a decent video. Music will fit it nicely. Either you edit the riding to the music, or you have already picked out your song and are riding lines to fit the music. Editing should be good too.

Ill be waiting.


Are you someone well known or something? Larl

lol ok
im just upset i cant watch it now :smiley:

not that i’ve heard of, i think he’s just excited about it, which is fine by me.

whos unicycledood talking about?

How it going? its been a while now.