Upcoming Tattoo

I’ve got a date with the Martha’s Vineyard tattooist who gave me the Halloween tat last year. I’d been racking my brain for the last year as to what to do next (it IS addictive). Finally I remembered the fantastic artwork of a fellow NYUC member, Zack, who came up with this a few years ago. I’m glad I saved it on my computer. In a week, I’ll have this on my inner calf muscle.

Wow, that is a really great design. The NYUC member Zack drew this? It’s perfect for you, being in NY and all.

I posted something a short while ago about UV responsive ink for tattoos, I think it would be really cool to incorporate UV ink into this somehow (thinking the flames). Either way, I’m still on the lookout for a tattoo that I’m willing to have on my skin for the rest of my life. Nice choice on yours.

Next time i’m in NY i’m definately going to try to ride with you all.

(Sounds like you have a cool trials line right outside your front door, too!)

D.Stone…in all due respect and with long time of reading your posts with vertual feeling of uni-one-dum through this forum, i have to say that is the cheezyest drawing i have ever seen and you could not pay me $1000 bucks to have that permantly inked on my calf with a life time supply of Dickes pants to hide it.


if you do- do it at least its better than Jjuggles chezzey schwinn calf tatoo.

Nice picture, I like it and it put a smile on my face. It’s not overly detailed either, so the tattoo will probably still look good many years after.

Stay away from the UV ink though, there are many stories of people who’ve had problems with these types of tattoos on the internet…

Yeah I heard about the cancer risks too…

I gotta say that the design reminds me a lot of those old school Microsoft Word clipart though. Haha!

Jagur, I welcome your honesty. Too many people are afraid to offend. Nonetheless, I’m going ahead with the corny tat. For one thing, I’m a pretty corny guy. The only people who think I’m cool are my kids and some of my students. Another thing: This is an original artwork, as opposed to a design someone could get off the web (or off a photo of a unicycle, which is sort of what Raphael has, tho I like his tat, too, in part bc it’s so bold). I’m not much of an artist, so I couldn’t design ma better tattoo myself. And keep in mind that ‘better’ is in the eye (and skin, in my case) of the beholder. I looked online for some ideas but found nothing. I have a feeling that Darren Bedford could ask his amazing artist friend of his to draw a really neat uni that could be turned into a tattoo, but I’m kinda jonesing to get this done in 5 days, and I’m happy with the Liberty unicyclist. Finally, and speaking of Liberty, remember that I’m a NYC boy. The idea of having an iconic NYCer (ok, some would argue that she’s in New Jersey, but we’re not listening to them) is pretty neat, too.

I’ll try to post some shots of the actual tattoo next week.

Jonesing? that leaves alot room for error and “settling”. unless you have been thinking about a few differant ones for months and months, then knocking off a choice between three or four…i would’nt get a tat because of the jones. location also shows a lack of commitment…

i want that picture on a shirt

i want that picture on the front of my underpants!

I want that picture on the inside of the back of my underpants.


I hear ya. Actually, I was similarly inspired the two times I got my other tattoos. I don’t mind the heavy debt I owe my subconscious.

As for the location, this is where I got the other tats, so it wasn’t that I was doing things based on location but rather it was based on the artist. He did a great job with my Halloween tattoo last year.


I think given the permanence of the tattoo, you should put Lady Liberty on hold, and think about the appropriate picture to go along with the “NYUC - Dictator for Life” title. Ink that on there, and who could then argue your commitment to the cause?


Ya, The artist that does my artwork would be able to draw you anything you could imagine or describe.

They do take some time and cost a few hundred dollars each drawing.

Post the picture of your Halloween tattoo. Halloween is big for me.

Take it easy,

that looks awesome. I wouldn’t have it as a tatto but i would wear it on a shirt. It just looks like it wouldn’t be a cool tatto

that looks cool as fuck,and i’ll bet it still makes you smile when you look at it in years to come,and i’d have it on the inside of my calf too cos that bit is easy to sit and admire.

i’m hopefully gettin a wheel tatooed on the back of my neck (not easy to see but rarely covered) as soon as my mate has some time off work,so it could be a while.


We’re still waiting to see the actual tattoo.

Will you post it here?

Willl you be at the next Unatics meeting?


I’ll try to post it later today. I’m notoriously bad with posting photos here, so let’s hope for the best. It’s a tiny bit different than the version posted (from Zach Baldus’s artwork) but is essentially the same.

I’ll be at the next NYUC meeting for sure, barring extreme weather. That’s Sept 3, I think, which is the first Sunday of the month (for those who didn’t already know that).