Upcoming Book and Newest Sponsor!

Don McGrath is a writer who is in the process of penning a new book about “50 athletes over 50”, and I’m so excited that he has selected me as one of the 50! Each over-50 athlete will be profiled in the book and each will have his or her own specific sport of choice highlighted. It’s just so fantastic that MUni will be represented, adding positively to the legitimacy of our sport! :slight_smile:

He interviewed me a couple of nights ago, and the link below is from his blog where he will be posting “takeaways” and excerpts from each successive interview. He already has a publisher for his book and is expected to be completed in the near future! You can see a snippet from what he has transcribed from our interview in the link below.

> I am also very thrilled and honored to have my newest sponsor, Unicycle.com! :D:):smiley:


congrats on being selected for the book Terry, very cool!

Congrats on the interview and also the new sponsor! Really awesome!

Great news! I like your popularity. =p


Congratulations on both the sponsorship and being part of an amazing book. Well done !!! You do deserve it with the amount of passion that you have for the sport of MUni. I really commend you !!

Great Work

congratulations Terry! I think you are quite possibly one of the, if not the most, successful rider out there now.

Thanks for all the comments guys! :slight_smile:

That is impressive Terry … and you certainly earned it with all of your riding and passion and nuttiness. (I mean that in the BEST of ways!)
When sponsored do they give you swag and then you use it? Is that how it works …
You will do this until you drop … that is obvious from your absolutely unbridled enthusiasm.
Way to make ADD work for you. Continue on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!!!

Congratulations on the new sponsor and being included in the book!

Congradulations Terry. You are definitely very lucky and deserving of both feats. I’m almost surprised that the UDC sponsorship hasen’t come sooner!