Up those curbs?

Christopher Lamb <clamb@sirius.uvic.ca> writes:
> As perhaps the title suggests I’m wondering how to go up those pesky curbs.
> Everytime one jumps out in front of me I always have to get off my uni and
> mount after I scale it. Could someone tell me a method on how to get up these
> nucences?

lean back and power at it, and you should just go up… I don’t like that
method though since it seems that it could damage the tyre and rim, so I
learned to jump up them… (just scream and leap :slight_smile:

> ps Can anybody cartwheel on a unicycle?

hey don’t give them ideas!

]ain :slight_smile:

Re: Up those curbs?

According to Christopher Lamb:

  • ps Can anybody cartwheel on a unicycle?
  • I’ve looked into this. I’ve even worked a little with a ex-gymnst coach on the
    logistics. I believe it can be done (and isn’t all that hard as some of the
    tricks that people have learned). I would use a bungie cord to hold the
    unicycle to the body (having a unicycle flying through the air might not be
    too healthy for the rider as well as any bystanders).

Note on bungie cord: The strap is cliped to the unicycle post in the front of
the unicycle then strapped around the back of the unicyclists and clipped to the
front post. It is something like a belt. People have traditionally used this for
bouncing freehand (ie jump roping).

If anybody has heard of someone doing a cartwheel on a unicycle, I would like to
hear about it.

Our club has quite a few new members who have gymnastics backgrounds and as they
become better riders I will start to suggest the unicycle cartwheel.


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