thanks a lot guys

butttt on that clip you guys are looking at wrong… look at the takeoff and landing points, you can tell that the landing point is even with the trays and the takeoff point … you can sorta tell where it is. I’m looking at the original clip though, youtube killed the quality of the video :frowning:

just watched the youtube version… it definitely looks like i jumped in front of it. i’ll post a video of me doing it again soon.


More enjoyable than your other vids I’ve seen. More speed, fluidity, and variety of tricks and terrain.

It also “looked” to me like you jumped in front of the pallats, for the same reason. As to the garbage can at first I thought you jumped an upright can, but then realized it was on its side. It looked to me like you actually jumped it, but the smaller side.

Filmed from partly in front or back in addition to slo-mo at those parts would prabably been better. Or two angles if you have access to two cameras (or if you can do it twice equally well, filmed from diff angles).

i went to film the tray jump again and all the trays but 2 were gone (there were about 20 when i did it) :frowning:
i also uploaded the original clip to youtube, to no avail.
i can’t seem to get photobucket to work either, but it will get done.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kwkqTbeCpE - i’m deleting it soon, cuz it didn’t work, but i hope you can tell that i jump over it from the landing/takeoff points.

How is that any clearer, it doesnt help your case. If you want to show you can do something dont film it in the dark.

iv said it before…ur rolling hops r HUGE

nice video! you guys are good.

we need a head on view.

Yea that would show it, so long as its not filmed in the dark.

i’ll see what i can do, my brother needs his camera for now, buti have one w/ a broken screen… the uni is a little screwey too

What a sickening video I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now. Anyways I hate you and your rediculously awesome rolling hops;) That other kid is pretty good. Dude there is this sick ass gigantic 12 set where I live that I bet you could do. Anyways cool vid and can’t wait to see more.

p.s., I’m putting together a vid pretty soon. Nothing like yours but still, I’m trying

thanks a lot dude

looking forward to your video