so, this video is a little different, i think a lot of you will enjoy it.

it is made mosty from one day of riding, but i threw a few older clips in it.
enjoy :slight_smile:

i liked it. it had a cool, raw quality about it

I liked it. There were a lot of really far and high hops.

You jumped over 9 half pallets? Thats insane.

Also liked the long jump towards the end with plywood landing, that just blew my mind how big it was.

there are 8 … its a little hard to tell. Thanks a lot guys.

That was amazing :astonished:
one of the most enjoyable uni videos I’ve watched!

Nice video! It looked like you actually jumped in front or far to the left of those pallets, not over, as they seem very small compared to you and look like they’re further in the background.

Also if you freeze the video just as you begin to “clear” it, you can see that your front tire would have clipped the pallet. Same with that plastic trash can a little earlier in the vid; it looks like you jumped to the right of it by at least a foot. But that’s just how it seems if you did hop directly over them that’s even more awesome!

You are mad at doing HUGE GAPS!
Nice riding:D

nah, i actually jumped over everything.
the pallets have open sides … if it stuck up as far as the shorter sides i would have hit it…

Way to look at the shadows.

It would really be cool if you did the same pallet jump but shot it from the front or quarter view;slightly off to the front right/left to see you actually clear it.

uh? ok… maybe

Cool, I’ll be watching for it soon hopefully! And I also counted 9 pallets not 8, and I counted each one carefully. But 8 would still be impressive!

I do get exactly what you mean here, and to me those ‘‘pallets’’ look like one crate type thing which is hollow inside. But all that is still besides the point;it’s an awesome vid.

I liked when you jumped over stuff. Like at 1:38 That jump at 1:32 was HUGE.

The first time I saw it I thought that, but I watched it again and he definitely jumped directly over both of them. It’s just the angle that he chose.

Awesome video man, I’ve been waiting for another from you.

thanks for all the positive feedback guys, there may be another video coming relatively soon.

what do you guys think of Ryan?
2 of the gaps he did are huge, they just got filmed from the wrong angles, and the rail 180 thingy is awesome.

It’s definitely 8 and that was an INSANE VID.

Keep up the good work. :smiley:

I just watched it through again then paused it to look and if you pause it at exactly 1:36 you can clearly see that a good portion or the wheel is in front or at least not over the highest part but then with the clip after it is too dark to see.

the jumps are amazing :slight_smile: