Unusual comment

Out on the MUni today, 3 separate rides in very different areas, and 10 miles total. On the last ride, I spiralled up to the top of a very steep wooded hill and there was a gang of kids at the top on BMX/MTBs. I got all the usual comments except from one lad who asked, ‘Is that an Onza?’

I replied, ‘No, it’s a Pashley,’ and he just turned his nose up and made no further comment. Surprising, as Pashley is a pretty well respected BMX brand, I’m told. Interesting, though, that a kid of about 10 should be unfazed by the sight of a unicycle, and have some small idea about brands.

When I set off down the hill by the difficult route (and didn’t UPD at all :sunglasses: ) one shouted, ‘Hard core unicyclist!’ which was nice.

An elderly gentleman atthe bottom of the hill just quietly said, ‘You do choose to make life difficult.’

I reckon old people give good comments. So was the guy at the top a unicyclist or does Onza make BMX stuff? Sorry, I didn’t puick that up.


Andrew asked:
<<So was the guy at the top a unicyclist or does Onza make BMX stuff?>>

My guess is he wasn’t a unicyclist, otherwise he’d have asked for a go. I’m not aware of Onza making BMX bikes. So my guess is he’s a BMXer who’s heard of Onza unicycles. Probably, now I think about it, because Onza are made/distributed/sold (?) by Super Cycles in Nottingham. Either way, it was surprising and perhaps refreshing that an ordinary member of the public had heard of a unicycle brand, rather than just assuming all unicycles were the same.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. It makes sence, and it’s pretty surprising.


they make trials bikes


Re: Unusual comment

I’ve gotten similar comments from elderly men while skating and biking (None yet from unicycling).
One of my favorites I got while trying to ollie to manual (jump on a skateboard and land in a manual(wheelie) position) up a rather high curb. As this older man got in his car he said, “you know it’s a lot easier if you ride up the wheel chair ramp”